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but first, some recent e-mails:

from: Stalks
date: 30th August 2006
I just found this website today. While enthusiastically reading page after page, I haven't even checked to see if it's still updated. I figured, whether it was or not, I still feel like writing this, so hence, I am.

The thing that first caught my attention the most was the "About" page, especially the "some biographical details" part, as I can relate to nearly everything written there. Then what caught my attention was obviously the poetry. I've been writing random ideas and the like down for years, and they always came out with a similar style, mostly unintentionally. The reason for this that I came up with was that every living being from birth creates a library of archetypes, metaphors, logos, etcetera in their brain to explain/relate to/filter in and out information from the world, and the way I filtered out my written thoughts was the reason for my 'poetry' coming out a certain way. It's what speaks to me, and the writings on this page speak to me as well.

from: PABLO in Madrid
date: 16th August 2006
I don't read much poetry in English at all - besides yourself and some Whitman. I class your work with his and with that of the great Lorca.

from: margie cronin
date: 10th August 2006

i wanted to
get in touch with you because, apart from the wonderful website, your poetryand your marvellously commendable religion, i agree with your assessment ofmost modern poetry written in english (at least coming from an 'anglo' background). though speaking only english myself i feel as though i don't fit with the poetry of this language.

date: 3rd May 2006

Anthony, this is awesome...your words, when read aloud, take on the mantle of a demented Shakespearean actor.

from: Bill Stewart
date: 18th April 2006

 We are a mean, violent species, we humans, aren't we. Very well put-together and potent verse, Anthony.
Sombre, but rings with truth.

from: Phillippa
date: 31st March 2006

Dear Anthony

I have just been lounging about in your site, flipping idly through your intense rants and the vibrant selection of poetry. I have thoroughly enjoyed the crisp wit, the refreshing heat of the polemic and the elegant and surprising décor.

I will bring some friends along next time.

Phillippa Yaa de Villiers


from: a poet in South Australia
date: 17th March 2006

Dear Zoti Ujk, Monsieur Loup-Garoup, Mr Weir:

I am writing to you from South Australia. I have spent a few hours today exploring your Dissident Editions website. I am always truly delighted when I come across something so unique, with such a seemingly eclectic mix of topics so carefully woven together.

I am so appreciative of the English translations you have provided of Albanian writers. I don't speak a word of Albanian, and I'm grateful to have had the door of this language opened. I am a singer and poet/writer, and have laboured through many tasks of translation of poetry from German, Italian, French and Spanish into English. Making sense of the literal word but avoiding turning it into heap of rancid compost can be desperately hard work. It doesn't help so much that my linguistic skills are very poor! But I am always impressed by translation which seems to capture something like the essence of a piece.

from: Observing Alien
date: 1st March 2006

I just wanted to write to say how affected I was by your website.
I was looking around for information on Irish ruins and such (in preparation for a trip there this summer) when I came upon it. Curious, I clicked to the page on 'The Philadelphic Celts'.
The photos of the two gorgeous 'warriors' kissing and embracing took me a little by surprise, but they're simply beautiful, and I was unexpectedly aroused (being a heterosexual woman, I never expected to be so taken by a photo of men kissing!). I can't rightly explain it, but these two photos have given me a fresh appreciation for the beauty and allure of my stout and furry husband, and I thank you for posting them on your website.
I have since taken the time to read much of your writings, and peruse your photos and art, and I am glad to have found your site. I feel that my mind has been opened in a way I least expected and I thank you for that.
I will return.
I wish you peace.


from: Nicola
date: 31st December 2005

Dear Weirwolf,
Thank you for an amazing site which I have enjoyed looking at for days.
I just thought I would say Hello from Camden, London, and tell you that I found your site extremely interesting - especially the gorgeous Kissing 'Bears' and fascinating poetry, not to mention your beautiful bearded face!

- BeardLover

from: my_mariah_2000
date: 15th December 2005
 I recently came across your website, and have enjoyed it immensely. Well... until Oscar was viciously murdered. I haven't been able to read further since I read that last night. However, I am compelled to write to you. I don't know why. I seem unable to stop myself .

Many (so-called) normal people would peruse your website and be instantly struck by the differences between themselves and you. I, on the other hand, could not stop finding similarities, right down to having one of my beloved friends disappear in July as fast as Oscar did. If that is not disturbing enough for you, I will add that on the surface I might appear to be the stereotypical American female to those who don't look too closely. I am female just not the stereotype.

It would perhaps be easier for me to point out the ways in which we are different than to list all the similarities. But, I must say that it was a delight to find there is another person who recognizes the true sensuality of hair and beards. If you are interested in knowing more about me, ask. Otherwise, I won't bore you further on this topic.

My excuse for writing is to ask for a copy of your book on your mother's notes. I was quite dejected when it ended on your website. However, I do not want it sent at this time as I most likely will want some of your other books, when I am able to read further on the website. I will, of course, pay postage and any fees you request.

I also would like to know if you are actively updating your website. I am unable to tell if this is still a current project. Let me be perfectly blunt. You haven't committed suicide, have you? That would make me sad.

I found your website by doing a search to see if there were any new writings, in English, about my friend Boris Grebenshikov. I was pleased to see "The Snake" on your site. As I am sure you already know it is a song. I can send you a link if you would like to download it. You might also want to check out some of the new songs Boris wrote this summer. "The Head of Alfred Garcia" is a favorite of mine. Could you please illuminate me on the "BG Poetry Group" ? I am not familiar with it or with Frederik Wolff and would like to know more to tell Boris.
I will send him link to your site, which I believe he will find quite interesting. He has currently been on tour in Siberia but will be home tomorrow or so as he has the traditional Christmas concert in St. Petersburg on the 16th.

Hmmm, how to close......maybe truthfully...... with I don't really expect a reply to this letter. Better, yet I will close with this...

"Suicide is painless.
It brings on many changes.
And I can take or leave it as I please."

Date: Fri May 20, 2005
Message:   I hadn't visited your site for a long time - too
 long, I had always enjoyed your
 pages "Rejoice the Dog" but on finding
 out about the disappearance of Oscar,
 I was left feeling empty and moved
 to tears...I am so sorry
 - Michèle
From: Mike in Southern California
Date: Sat May 14, 2005
Message:   Damn, I just realized I've been
 checking out your site for 3 years now.
From: alan araullo
Date: Fri May 13, 2005
Message:   Impressive!!!
 Zen of no-Zen is indeed Zen and no-Zen.
From: cotter Bass (
Date: Thu May 12, 2005
Message:   Marvelous website. You should be
 justifiably proud.
Date: Sat May 7 09:08:10 2005
Message:   Thanks alot of this wonderful site, for  me to be between the arms of a big man with the biggest beard and melting into his lips is the joy of my life,
 thanks again.
From: booksXYZ
Date: Wed Apr 6, 2005
Message:   Fascinating website, many lovely pages,
 many disturbing images... much dissidence.
 I remember once visiting a city where
 everything was clean, everyone was nice,
 every action was politically correct. I
 remember thinking, "If heaven is like
 this, I don't want to go there."
From: Alexander Yaniushkin, Russia
Date: Wed Apr 6, 2005
Message:   It's a great poetry, which penetrates
 deeply into your mind and shaked it
 thoroughly like electroshock. It gives
 your perception of the pain, of the
 global pain of other people, the whole
 humankind, and the whole universe. But
 in the same time it somehow makes you
 stronger and ... wiser.
From: Patrick Mooney
Date: Tue Apr 5, 2005
Message:   I spent nearly an hour just looking
 and reading about your photo art, men
 with beards kissing, and the
 anthropological sites you covered from
 sweat lodges, healing, monoliths,
 and the phallus in Christian art that
 is not widely covered in our art
 history classes!
 It was a delight to run across some
 content and an engaged mind.
 I have since returned and done quite a
 bit of reading of
 your Zen poetry, a surprise because I
 have been studying Vajrayana
 Buddhism for the last year, and I truly
 enjoyed your writing and clairity
 of thought. I have put you site on my
 Favorites list and will be
 returning to explore your very rich and
 rewarding site.
From: william wiliams
Date: Wed Mar 30 14:19:42 2005
Message:   Hi there- I have enjoyed your web site
 and use the material in Macedonia to
 promote Albanian poetry through the
 medium of English. Unfortunately, I am
 at a lost sometimes with the usage of
 Albanian metaphors and the locals are
 of no help. May be you can assist me ?
 The battle of Saimola. What and where...
 and its significance?
 Lupo Blu what significance has the
 wolf in Albanian literture.
 Can someone reply
From: Dylber
Date: Mon Mar 28, 2005
Message:   All round perspective
 a whimsitronic mix mashedy. The
 brinskle buzztang prombustried from
 gazing is immense. Your revoltingness
 is a testament to the passion that is
 left. Long live the gas!!
From: tbeebear
Date: Mon Mar 28, 2005
Message:   what a lovely site! came across it as i
 was trying to trace my family roots in
 county Tyrone, not that I'm suggesting
 they go back to the neolithic, you
 I'll be passing the web address on, I
 know it'll be much appreciated.
 Kind regards,
Date: Wed Mar 23, 2005
Message:   Hi, commenting on the Irish Stones,
 and the Gay Celt Love n Tattoo pages
 - great!
 hope your website and you carry on a
 long happy time. =)
 Blessed Be - Morgan, a dykey hedgewitch


top of page


From: Lorrie McAuley
Date: Wed Mar 23, 2005
Message:   wonderful
Date: Mon Mar 21, 2005
Message:   In "Images of Lust" you list an image
 of La Femme aux serpents at Lincoln
 cathedral, but you do not mention the
 figure of a devil with a large erect
 penis (with, delightfully, a face
 carved on the penis end!)which is at
 the foot of the Last Judgement on the
 Judgement Portal on the south east side
 of the cathedral.I have an image of the
 proud fellow.
 Gordon Plumb
From: Fatmir Thanati
Date: Wed Mar 2, 2005
Message:   Dear Mr Weir
 I am so impressed with your web site.
 Thanks for making all pages dedicated
 Please keep up the great work.
 I wish you all the best.
 Fatmir Thanati
Date: Tue Mar 1, 2005
Message:   Many thanks for the brilliant website,
 wish I'd discovered it before a recent
 trip to near Omagh, Will definitely be
 checking it out again, before next
 Sue Bairstow
From: Anais
Date: Sat Feb 26 13:44:15 2005
Message:   Wonderful website!
 I am full of awe.
  "Too much sanity may be madness and
 the maddest of all, is to see life as
 it is, and not as it could be."
 - Cervantes (Don Quixote)
 with love from me x
Date: Fri Feb 25, 2005
Message:   Exmo. Sr. Anthony
  É lua cheia e penso sempre em
 vocês. Os tchecos estão chegando
 novamente junte-se a nós.
 abraços de Jayme e Elvira
 Refúgio das Águas
 Lídice Brasileira
From: Andrew Finlay
Date: Thu Feb 24, 2005
Message:   THE ZEN of NOT-ZEN pages are superb, as
 is your now-dead (?)BESTSELLER.htm
 Yours in the spirit of U.G.Krishnamurti
 - Andrew
From: Impressed
Date: Thu Feb 17, 2005
Message:   I read tonight through the various
 tributes people have left for you after
 looking through your various and
 wondrous pages. There is an additional
 comment that ought to be made - namely
 that you are a remarkably talented and
 generous man. Thank you.
From: Aluinn
Date: Thu Feb 17, 2005
Message:   About the window-top from Smithstown
 Castle, surely that's a leaf, not a
 spider's web.. You know.. With the veins
 and all.. Would make much more sense in
 my opinion.. Hopefully i won't feel the
 compulsion to post in your guestbook yet
Date: Wed Feb 2, 2005
Message:   What an absolutely fantastic site! I
 have been looking at all the sections
 (originally found it when looking for
 material on hogback tombstones) and
 can't get over how much stuff there is.
 The photos are wonderful, and I am
 amazed that this is all the work of one
 person. It certainly makes we want to
 revisit Ireland and get round some of
 the many places I haven't managed to
 visit yet.
 I live on the Isle of Bute which has
 lots of neolithic and Bronze Age
 archaeology as well as Iron Age sites
 with possibly Irish connections and
 Early Christian foundations with
 definite Irish connections. We think we
 have great monuments but yours are
 better yet.
 Sue Hothersall
Date: Mon Jan 31, 2005
Message:   your photography is oustanding! i will
 be traveling to eire later on this year
 and your pictures and info has really
 contributed to my itenarary.
 breathtaking site! thank you so much.
Date: Thu Jan 20, 2005
Message:   I shall be visiting Ireland and Co.
 Cork in particular in April. This web
 site has a great deal of wonderful
 information. Thank you.
Date: Fri Oct 29, 2004
Message:   Well, every page is just fabulous!!!
 What a find!
 Fred Lowe
From: george
Date: Tue Oct 19, 2004
Message:   I love the poems but most of all the
 naked men.
From: wolfie
Date: Mon Oct 18, 2004
Message:   Hi
 Enjoying your site. Visited
 Ballygilbert the other day. My first
 encounter with such a phallic megalith!
 Picture at
From: kitty
Date: Sun Oct 17, 2004
Message:   great site.
Date: Sun Oct, 2004
Message:   great site, keep up the good work!
From: steven
Date: Mon Sep. 2004
Message:   i changed my mind.
From: Manfred Lipowski
Date: Thu Sep 2, 2004
Message:   I just surfed in and found your site, I
 really enjoyed the visit and hope to
 come back soon.
 Thank you for your dedicated effort.
 Blessings of continuous growth!
 Manfred Lipowski
From: formercat
Date: Wed Jul 28, 2004
Message:   I love your site - it's a great
 Tip of the hat to you for maintaining
 it so diligently.
Date: Sat Jul 24, 2004
Message:   Bonjour,
 Nous sommes allés hier après midi à
 l'allée couverte de Dampmesnil et nous
 avons cherché pendant 45 minutes sans
 rien trouver. Il y avait un panneau des
 monuments historiques au bord de la
 route, puis plus rien.
 Grâce à votre site, nous avons un
 aperçu de ce que nous aurions dû voir!
 Nous serions intéressés d'avoir
 quelques explications sur ces allées
Date: Tue Jul 20, 2004
Message:   I was trying to find out more about the
 statue on Boa Island. I did so thanks
 to your remarkable site. Thank-you


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Date: Tue Jul 20, 2004
  I wish to Thank Tim of Washington State, USA for including some inportant things I failed to mention in my comment about the Sweat Lodge (Inipi). It does represent the womb of Earth Mother and a rebirth of spirit and body. It is called a minideath by some. A place to sacrafice a little for all that we receive. A small death of the old to a spiritual newness and connection with all things in Creation. There were and are Sweat Lodges made of stone, a sapling frame covered traditionally with hides, with blankets and/or tarps. Te tradtions vary from Native Nation to Native Nation but it all means the same for cleansing and spiritual awareness and connections with the good spirits. Thanks again Tim! Safe Journeys and Peace with them everyone. David Weaver Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania. US
Date: Sat Jul 17, 2004
Message:   First--congrats on a truly awesome
 website. And it took a few minutes
 before I realized your delightful
 butterflies were following my mouse!!!
 I would like to use the image of the
 Leganny portal tomb in my book to be
 published commercially this year (I
 hope). The book, Beyond the Bridge,
 deals with early settlers in Ireland---
 how they came, how they survived the
 floods at the end of the last great ice
 age, how (muc later) they built passage
 tombs & chiseled the first accurate
 calendars in stone at Knowth.
 The referenced image would fit in the
 chapter which covers various types of
 tombs in Ireland.
 Thank you in advance for your kind
 consideration. I will reference your
 site and caption the photo as you wish.
 Best regards,
 Marian O'Grady
Date: Thu Jun 24, 2004
Message:   Everyone talks about 'depth' these
 days - in the name of 'spirituality.'
 No one understands what 'depth' means,
 more than you folks. Here it is on
 this site: all connections of thoughts
 and ideas, right or wrong, and yet
 full of 'depth,' reflecting the 'one'
 and the only 'truth'--CREATIVITY OF
 Keep up the good work, full of
 Chander Behl
Date: Mon Jun 21, 2004
Message:   6/20/04
 Please forgive me as I am a neophyte.
 The world of Shella-na-gig and all
 those before & after her are of great
 interest/concern to me as I pursue a
 series of drawings dealing with the
 theme...the birth of the universe.
 Are there books, CDs, web sites that
 you recommend.
 Thank You for your help.
 Ben Taylor
From: Michael Woods
Date: Fri Jun 18, 2004
Message:   Anthony,
  Stumbled onto your Web site quite by accident.
  Love your art! I could spend hours looking at a
  never-ending supply of your self-portraits.
  so natural with an ever-so appealing mysterious
  lure. I could go on and on about your hirsute
  body, your uncircumcised member, your serpentine
  tattoos, your phallic photography, your shadowy
  art, the deep prose and poetry. Love it all!
  Hope to see more.
From: legalass17ATyahoo,com
Date: Sat Jun 12, 2004
Message:   I have spent over an hour looking at all of this
 and I must say that is so perfect. I could lose
 myself in here. Great job! It is a candy shop
 for us that like to see the unusual.
From: Ruaidh Hurley
Date: Fri May 28, 2004
Message:   Excellent "sweathouse" info, as well as the
 phallic stones. Excellent! I throughly enjoyed
 the mention of our magic mushroom friends as well!
Date: Thu May 27, 2004
Message:   Dear Anthony,
 I am in process with a book on the applications
 of the Sweat Lodge in Australia and would love to
 use one of your images of Irish sweathouses. I am
 seeking permission to do so and, if granted, on
 how you would like to be acknowledged.
 Radiant regards,
 Claudio Silvano
 Sacred Radiance:
 phone: 8337 0637
 mobile: 0412 747 096
Date: Wed May 5, 2004
Message:   I went looking for Kilkeel and somehow found
 myself here - an extraordinary place...
From: Doug Draime
Date: Wed May 5, 2004
Message:   Anthony -
 Thank you much for keeping me updated as to
 what you're up to on your site: a breath of light
 and reason,
Date: Fri Apr 30, 2004
Message:   i wish to purchase the irish megalitic tombs
 cd/rom i do not have a credit card so will you
 accept a sterling post office money order from
 ireland including p/p or even better still do you
 have any retail outlets in the west of ireland
Date: Wed Apr 28 02:00:52 2004
Message:   loved this site.
 real modern logic,18th century logic left
 behind ,were it belongs,let's all move forward
 and pay homage to the greatest race that ever
From: Sue
Date: Tue Apr 27, 2004
Message:   Excellent website which answered my question on
Date: Wed Apr 14, 2004
Message:   I am not sure how I got to this site. I was
 looking up info on modern dervishes. Kismet, I
 suppose. I shall be back when I can give it the
 time it deserves.
From: tank
Date: Sun Apr 11, 2004
Message:   Great site,
 you old taoist curmudgeon you!
From: Ineke Lucas
Date: Sun Mar 28, 2004
Message: must be the best
 website I have ever seen!
  It has brought back so many memories of my
  discovery of ancient Ireland in 1975.
  Is there something like this dealing with the
 abbeys, etc. ?
Date: Mon Mar 22, 2004
Message:   Dear Anthony!
 I heard about your website from your friend Zana
 Banci. I have to tell you that this is an
 extraordinary work. To tell you the truth I get a
 bit confused going through all of them, but still
 that doesn't leave me behind on congratulating
 you for this wonderful time you have spent to
 come up with such beautiful poems and research.
 I will like to write to you as a writer myself a
 little poem that i translated. Please don't
 laugh, because I know it's very poor, but it's
 the best i can do for now.
 There, far away in the valley
 where the first light of the sun
 caresses the grass
 I want to lye my body
 to close my eyes
 peacefully die.
 There, on the high mountain
 covered with snow
 virgin, very white
 I want my breath to let go
 from my chest
 to go its way
 There, on the straight field
 where the first flowers have sprung
 the first spring has brought
 I want to have wings
 to fly, to go
 and not come back
 There, over the sea of midnight
 where the light of the moon
 loves my image
 I want to calm my soul
 when the baby waves
 caress my heart.
 Thank you again. And please keep up the good work.
 Respectfully, Ana-Maria!


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From: -c
Date: Sun Mar 21 09:20:05 2004
Message:   Thank you for your research
 and your reverance which both contribute
 immenscely to several already excellent images
 captured in stone. You've given all my relations
 something to smile abou
From: Glenn Calver
Date: Fri Mar 19, 2004
Message:   Dearest Anthony,
 Humblest gratitude for sustaining a breath of
 ironic insouciance in this sweet, fucked-up city
 we stutteringly call w-w-w.
 Knitted brows of sick-cynical retentivenes and
 envy are robbing the youth of their jouissance.
 Please 'don't stop the madness' -
  I hate your poems because they
 remind me of my lethargy.
From: Horatio Morpurgo
Date: Fri Mar 19 12:32:25 2004
Message:   I really like your site - even if you are a bit
 harsh on Heaney. It's terrific!
From: Roland Gjoni
Date: Sat Mar 6 18:31:46 2004
Message:   (Albanian Pages)
 Thank you for the commendable efforts to show to
 the world a part of my country.
Date: Thu Feb 26, 2004
Message:   I loved this site, ran across it accidently. The
 first poem I ever read at age eight, The
 Rubbiyat. I would like to invite you to see my
 site. I was fortunate enough
 to be in an anthology with Lawerence, Rita Dove,
 and Jimmy Santiago Baca is in my new book. I
 really cant say enough. I would like to end with
 a poem.
  If I Die Tonight
 The lamps been lit, and the torch was passed so
 long ago.
 I couldnt have slit my wrists the way I did and
 made the comeback of the year.
 If faith wasnt my guide.
 (c) Feb 26th 2004 raul maldonado
Date: Wed Feb 18, 2004
Message:   Great site! Meant to be working but just got
 stuck... for ages!
From: PinkLilly ( )
Date: Wed Feb 11, 2004
Message:   the joy of suicide....
 This is amazing, the poems are actually true!
 i saw quite a lot of my life in the poems and the
 words touched me.... :-)
From: John Jordan
Date: Wed Feb 4, 2004
Message:   Dear Sir,
 I am writing to you in reference to
 Ballylahan Castle, I dont guess it has
 much to do with your site, but you do
 seem to know a great deal about the
 history of the standing rocks and tombs
 of Ireland. I was wondering if you had
 any information about the castle,
 perhaps who owns the land in which it
 is on. One of these days I would like
 to purchase it and perhaps try to
 rebuild what can be saved there. Thank
 you for any help you may have. My email
From: Glenn Calver
Date: Mon Feb 2, 2004
Message:   Anthony,
  In 1954 Allen Ginsberg wrote a
  beautiful poem entitled "On Burroughs
  Work". You will no doubt be familiar
  with these frank and passionate
  ?The method must be purest meat,
  and no symbolic dressing,
  actual visions & actual prisons
  as seen then and now?
  A naked lunch is natural to us,
  we eat reality sandwiches,
  But allegories are so much lettuce,
  Don?t hide the madness.?
  Much of what I read on this website
  resounds with a similar sense of
  frankness and passion. For this, I
  must admit to being quite envious. Your
  endeavour is what I sometimes merely
  dream of. In particular, your Maxims
  resonate with my own thoughts on many
  points (differing on others).
  Thank you for your autobiographical
  notes as they convinced me that, as
 Nietzsche puts it:
  ?It makes all the difference whether a
  thinker stands in a personal
  relationship to his problems, so that
  he possesses in them his destiny, his
  necessity and also his greatest
From: peacewalker
Date: Wed Jan 21, 2004
Message:   I am from the north of ireland but
 living in canada where I take part in
 sweat lodge and sundance and vision
 quest...if it was daylight I would
 send you a picture of my sweathouse.
 I believe the ancient people of
 Ireland used the sweat houses for
 prayer. It would be great to fire one
 of them up and sweat. sile
From: LionSun
Date: Tue Jan 13, 2004
Message:   Grest Website
Date: Sun Jan 4, 2004
Message:   Great site. Diogenes search got me
 here, though I think I've heard
 of "beyond-the-pale" before. Great
 selection of poems (Haiku- my
 favorite). Well thought out website.
 Peace, friend.
 Conner Baldwin
From: stevo
Date: Sat Jan 3, 2004
Message:   your poem on nice men is all too true!
Date: Sun Dec 7 19:18:09 2003
Message:   enjoyed it all. will be back...not
 enough time. James Burren Brown, USA
From: E. Reilly
Date: Sun Dec 7 02:32:07 2003
Message:   In the past year I've been intro. to
 Celtic culture/mythology & Irish
 History on the internet, but your site
 is the first to mometarily stun and
 challenge me-- sweathouses in Ireland,
 used for what purposes? Other sites are
 redundant w.historical & literary facts-
 -yours conveys something of a deeper
 nature. Thanks
 And,please, 1 question: how do you
 speculate the dwellings of commoners
 in the West of Ireland in the 8th
 century were constructed? ( Were there
 forests at that time? Did they build
 with trees, or stone or wattle & daub?
 Were they circular & dome shaped, or
 rectagular huts. ) Thanks again
 E. Reilly e-mail:
Date: Mon Nov 10 22:32:23 2003
Message:   yo that is my e-mail address and i
 aprittiate if you could send me some
 thank you
 by the way keep going with these
 websites because its very good to know
 where we are from and what we have
 been through for the passed couple of
 hundreds years,
From: EireMarie at
Date: Thu Oct 30 02:34:22 2003
Message:   I enjoyed your entire site.
 Thank you very much.
From: Paul
Date: Sat Oct 25 12:55:37 2003
Message:   Very nice site. Thanks for your hard
 work in this site. I'm glad I stopped
 by and will again, many times.


top of page


From: Jeffrey Wainer
Date: Fri Oct 17 21:40:05 2003
Message:   You are an absolute genius. I love your
 website. Coming from the jungle of
 Africa with its own special
 spirituality - I am impressed!
 We need more tattooed cocks. Have a
 great weekend...
 Marketing Manager
 Intercare Fourways
Date: Fri Sep 19 14:21:01 2003
Message:   Thank you very very much.I am made a
 little quiet by this that you have made
 so finely.
  Some while ago i wrote this which you
 may use in any way you like.
 belief comes before doubt
 but not before error
 so believe now doubt
 for error and error and error
From: nol haltom
Date: Mon Sep 8 18:01:08 2003
Message:   I congradulate you on the entire site.
 This is what the internet is supposed
 to be about....not shopping and
 love to all
 artist in los angeles
Date: Sat Sep 6 15:22:30 2003
Message:   Dear Anthony,
 I will be leading two groups of
 women to Ireland in May and
 September "04 for the focus of
 deepening our feminine selves in the
 landscape and with Irish women. I
 will use your writings and photos of
 sexuality-in-the-stones to partially
 guide our way. Thank you so very
 much for your insights and wisdom.
 Frederica (once searching for
 images of holy wells which you aided
 me in).
From: HGyuri
Date: Sun Aug 10 17:22:15 2003
Message:   Irish Genius is really great!
 My impression is follow:
 I declare love to Megalitic Ireland
 "The "Dark Age" is light me
 always pull me again and again
 to travel to Ireland
 I love it!
 I don't understand why because I'm a
 hungarian barbar"
From: megi
Date: Fri Aug 8 03:46:35 2003
Message:   I am honored to read my cultures poems
 as a poet myself I could relate.
Date: Mon Aug 4 06:31:43 2003
Message:   I have only seen "Satan in the Groin"
 and the "Spared Stones" so far but I
 am greatly impressed by both sites, by
 their realization and by the
 dedication and entusiasm - dare I
 say "obsession"? - which has gone into
 making them. Congratulations, and
 please continue the passion....
From: Anthony Mc Guinness (Ireland)
Date: Sun Jul 27 01:16:16 2003
Message:   Have just been looking at your excellent
 pages on megalithic sites...I totally
 agree with your comments regarding what
 you call the "Disneyfication" of
 Newgrange. Now I've discovered all of
 the links to your other pages on so many
 diverse subjects. There's enough reading
 material here to keep me interested for
 ages! This has to be one of the most
 unusual and well-presented sites I've
 seen so far. Keep up the great work!
From: conan burke
Date: Wed Jul 23 20:46:53 2003
Message:   Hello
 just wanted to thank you for putting
 such work into this great resource -
 just came upon it after looking for
 info on sweat houses - having seen one
 at kilronan/crosshill and noticing the
 huge number on the o.s map.
 Will return again to this site.
From: Carsten
Date: Tue Jul 22 10:37:52 2003
Message:   I was intrigued by your mentioning of
 the Vlachs in your outline of Albanian
 history (www.beyond-the-
  There are currently several excellent
 webpages on them such as: (in Greek)
 and (in
 Of your pages the most I liked the
 essay on Paulinism. Quite a courageous
 view you have and I can't say I am not
 tempted to really share your radical
 perspectives on Christianity...though
 when I think of Bulgakov and his
 'Master and Marguerita' I'd rather
 stick to the invented cult figure of
 I'll return to your site as often as
 possible - because it's really
 challenging stuff...
From: Anne Hodge
Date: Sat Jun 28 14:12:46 2003
Message:   Your website is one of the best I've
 come across, for any subject.
 Anne Hodge, Curator of Prints and
 Drawings, National Gallery of Ireland
From: Suchoon Mo
Date: Fri Jun 20 21:20:11 2003
Message:   Regarding Mima Kujakova's "Confession
 of Ignorance," (CONFESSION FROM
 BELGRADE page) its far reaching
 ideological impact cannot be
 overestimated. I have used her poem
 to raise an issue among some Buddhists
 to accept Nihilistic doctrine which has
 been thinly veiled, or reject it
 outright. Here is a quote from my
 last post. from the Buddhism Bulletin
 Suchoon Mo
 Colorado, USA
From: Colin Pritchard
Date: Thu Jun 12 10:13:21 2003
Message:   Dear Anthony Weir,
 I was deeply moved by the breadth,
 compassion of your poerty but most of
 all by the inhate sadness that you
 I must confess to probably belonging to
 a `group/label' of the tribe of
 humanity for whom your impatience might
 be the least hostile epithet, but I may
 have totallly misjudged you- Im an
 academic who crosses research
 boundaries, many of which you would
 welcome, e.g. highlighting the early
 disturbing evidence of humankinds
 poisoning of the planet is now
 poisoning ourselves seen in changes in
 incidence and mortality of the cancers,
 neurological diseases and haemolytic
 disorders- but I also have the
 affrontary to work in the `mental
 health field' - pro bono I should
 hasten to add and share with Karl
 Jaspers the realisation that "illness I
 can treat but to life, I can only
 My final affrontary, apart from
 sincerest admiration and
 congratulations on your remarkable work
 is to offer, not my evidence based
 texts, nor even my first novel King
 David:War & Ecstasy, but share for YOU
 a poem I wrote for my daughter as we
 all share the same Time & Space.
 Time & Space and Anthony Weir.
 They say light travels 186,390 miles
 per second.
 In a minuet 11,183,409 miles,
 in a year 5,878,000,000,000 miles.
 To the best of Human knowledge if we
 travel 30 Light years,
 Up, Down, Left and Right, East and West
 There is No Other LIFE!
 Therefore, How Rare,
 YOU really are.
 Time and Space Transforms our Infinite
 into Anthony Weir being Infinitely
 So Value Yourself and Marvel at Others,
 Than with Emanuel Kant be awed by,
 "dir bestirnte Himmel uber mir
 und dass Moralische gesetz in mir".
 Post Scriptum
 An antodote to the above
 numerical/empirical hundred words is
 the Benidiction
 which comes from Knowing that every
 second, minuet , day of every year
 Soneone in Our world is listening to
 [Colin Pritchard 1998]
 Colin Pritchard
From: Alan
Date: Sat Jun 7 20:42:08 2003
 I don't understand your web-site. You
 must be insane man.
From: Louise
Date: Tue Jun 3 08:39:27 2003
Message:   They where great
 and funny
 and very cool
Date: Sun Jun 1 21:42:42 2003
Message:   I came across your website, especially
 the “400 revolutionary Maxims” and
 wanted to know if they are all credited
 to Swami Vrhka Baba?
 Additionally, I am greatly interested
 in your various poems and thoughts on
 suicide. I am a former suicide victim
 who was diagnosed with severe manic-
 depression several years ago. As part
 of my final thesis documentation, I
 want to include some of the
 consequences of this disease both in a
 visual and written form. Your words
 stuck a deep chord in my soul and I
 feel that at last I found someone who
 is able to voice what I have
 experienced in a way that I have never
 been able to do so. Thus said I would
 also like to use some of your poems and
 thoughts in my multi-media sculptures.
 Thank you in advance for your
 considerations on my requests as well
 as putting together an enlightened and
 enlightening repository of images and
 Mark Mueller
 Sculptures By Mueller
Date: Fri May 30 12:19:58 2003
Message:   Truth is a stammer not a song,
 The world and all things wonderful
  go wrong...
 says the first chapter of poetry and
 how right, how bleak, how true ~grin~
 it is....
Date: Tue Apr 22 01:04:45 2003
 is a very beautiful website. I loved
 looking at the rock art, and was very
 impressed with the graphics and the
 fade in and out technique.
From: Clovis
Date: Mon Apr 21 22:11:41 2003
  C'est avec une certaine délectation
 jubilatoire , que j'ai parcouru ces
 pages en laissant glisser sous mes yeux
 la pesante légèreté de ces grès au
 tellurisme émotionnel fort.
 Une photo m'a inquiété, celle de la
 Pierre Turquaise, ou j'ai souvent
 séjournée, que ce soit en dessous , ou
 au dessus. Tant son énergie était forte
 qu'il n'était besoin de s'en imprégner,
 son aura suffisait. Et je la vois
 comme " éparpillée". J'y retournerai ,
 juste pour vérifier, les " dégats
 possibles ", les "hommes" sont
 si "petits".....
 Bravo pour le tout, un élève du Pape
 des esc.argots.
From: Kelle
Date: Wed Apr 16 22:50:47 2003
Message:   I liked the megalithic and Satan in the
 groin pages. I have often wondered why
 the early church was so obsessed with
 what they supposedly disdained. Thank
 you for showing images that I would
 have never been able to see in person.
Date: Fri Apr 4 05:20:08 2003
Message:   Hi: I was fortunate enough to happen
 upon your website. I have been battling
 with " normality " all my life and have
 been involved with a variety of
 spiritual ways, including sufi orders;
 but haven't really felt at one with
 them. How does one approach the
 Bektakshis in order to explore the
 possibility of becoming a member? I
 would appreciate any information you
 can provide. Thanks, Al Marlowe, Laguna
 Woods, California
From: Ariel Beller
Date: Fri Apr 4 02:14:57 2003
Message:   Concerning transcendental hotel:
 an actual poet who isn't too fucked up
 and full of self pity to live out his
 dreams. This is rare. This gives me
 hope. Like Rilke, you remind me of
 what poetry is capable of - insight
 that can't be reached by any other
  Now that i'm done kissing your ass
 here's something I wrote in New Orleans
 It will refer to a day
 when the devil rushed in
 to pacify my heart
 from then on I was a member of cunning
 the honing of remorselessness
 I saw the scout make his report
 I saw him smile
 grow huge
 sprout six legs
 and walk over me
 to cover me with his shadow
 then later
 while he napped on the hill
 came to adjust my bowtie
 brush the dust off my lapels
 then i was spun forty times
 and pushed
 into oncoming hell
 into conciousness
 where the phone could ring
 where hearts beat, bleed
 and burn while holding hands
 but it was he who had a professional
 interest in me
 he saw me sag in the middle
 and took a seat
 and left guilt in my stomach
 and isolation in my neck
 he used tried and true ways
 to amplify misery
 and he left a bell at my side
  and his parting words
 were, "Ring it
 if you can't take it
From: ashikihsan
Date: Wed Apr 2 05:02:13 2003
 thank you- collyrium for the eyes!
 wonderfully written, well-researched,
 esthetically pleasing and frank...
 for ashik music...try yon-fm from
 ashk olsun...ihsan
From: Giulio
Date: Sun Mar 23 12:25:52 2003
Message:   Our duty of witness (a bitter duty) is,
 as you say in your pages, to
 eat until the end (like Christ with his
 wine) the horrible plastic sandwich of
 our civilisation, so that one time, at
 last, can reaches us the good news we
 are waiting, that all the humanity
 waits: the news of his liberation from
 that horrible taste.
 So, maybe the poet-witness is really a
 martyr, in
 the ancient Greek sense of a man who
 eats all possible filth, showing
 with his words, his life and his body
 that the flowers and the butterflies,
 (like those in your website) are not
 only a dream but a possibility. For
 allof us.
From: Tim Douglas
Date: Mon Mar 17 14:15:58 2003
Message:   I refer to the "Lament of the Earth
 Mother" page:
 That was beautiful. Thank you for
 translating that and giving it to those
 who need to hear it.
 God bless.
 ~ Timothy
Date: Sun Mar 16 20:25:11 2003
Message:   It is wonderful to see pictures of my
 hometown and its remarkable features
 published for others to enjoy - Field
 guide to Megolithic Ireland.
 I am made from the rocks and earth of
 Ireland and wherever I go in the world
 I can't deny the spirit of the place
 that is in me.
Date: Sat Mar 15 14:45:25 2003
Message:   Always been a man with and in a beard
 and found all your pictures excellent.
 Great job. Any clubs, organizations
 events where men with/in beards meat?
 Appreciate the photo's. Mike
From: Doug Draime
Date: Thu Feb 27 02:16:48 2003
Message:   Anthony -
  As always your work is interesting
 and powerful. Just discovered you
 were still round, when I looked up my
 name on :"" and found
 you listed as one of my publishers.
 Your distortions and/or editing of my
 work..well, I must admit I like it, and it
 furthers the cause. But what's with
 the dick at the bottom with glasses? I
 don't wear glasses.
 Doug (
From: Alross
Date: Mon Feb 24 22:15:41 2003
Message:   Shkruar ne 20 Shkurt
 In the glory days
 of emptiness
 in the memory
 of history
 a rat race
 'Wash my brain
 at least twice daily...'
 ALROSS, Toronto
From: David Engen
Date: Mon Feb 24 14:42:55 2003
Message:   I am very taken with your work at this
 site. I have commended it to a few of
 my fellow poets who are also bearish in
 desire, character and look--or at least
 appreciate it very much.
 There is a form of bravery in what you
 do. You have given us access to the
 creativity that blooms inside of you.
 Not everyone is so giving and I see
 that as a form of bravery.
 While I am sure you are still craving
 for aspects of you to be expressed, I
 would dare say your minotaur is free--
 mostly--from the labyrinth! Thanks
From: Tim O'Leary
Date: Fri Feb 14 03:30:41 2003
Message:   We'll wait in Stone Circles/'Till the
 Force comes through/Lines join in faint
 discord/As the Stormwatch brews/A
 concert of Kings/As the white sea
 snaps/On the heels of a soft Prayer/
 Whispered/In the wee hours I'll meet
 you/Down by Dun Ringill/ And we'll
 watch the Old Gods play/By Dun Ringill.
 (Ian Anderson,of Jethro Tull)
From: Diana O'Sullivan
Date: Wed Feb 12 22:29:30 2003
Message:   Thank you so much for these inspiring
 photgraphs. Me Irish eye are smilin'.
From: Füzzy
Date: Wed Feb 12 12:32:35 2003
Message:   I like all I saw, especially the
 Bearded Men Kissing, some of the
 poetry, and the amazing art-historical
 pages of Satan in the Groin. Keep up
 the beauty and this wonderful gift to
 those patient enough to see.
  With a bearded hug,
From: Dominic Sheridan
Date: Fri Jan 31 15:59:57 2003
Message:   i really like your pictures, i just
 wish that i could copy and paste them.
 nice work
Date: Wed Jan 29 22:15:08 2003
Message:   I like the atmosphere of your Website
 much! It's extremely good!
 Bennett Peter Marosan
 HUNGARY - Budapest
From: H.N.Weir//
Date: Tue Jan 28 01:53:00 2003
Message:   I am on the outside looking in
  sleeping with angels and demons
  I have been to hell and death would
  not let me in
  Without begining and without end
  Thrugh the eyes of angels I look into
  the eyes of men
From: kosntantinos kalogeropoulos
Date: Thu Jan 23 20:56:38 2003
Message:   about dervishes
 about poetry
 allmost about everything
 It is extraordinary
From: Baltë
Date: Sun Jan 19 16:18:50 2003
Message:   Ju pergezoj stafit tuaj per kete faqe
 dhe kam kenaqesine te jem pjese e mysafir i saj...
From: Giulio
Date: Sun Jan 19 16:15:17 2003
Message:   I spent a longtime walking in the
 wonderland you built with your art and
 your imagination: your website
 really is magnificent and I regret that
 my English is not good enough to
 express my full appreciation.
 You are dissident from this society of
 money and violence, but you are
 faithful to the colors, to the flowers,
 to the butterflies... to LIFE,
 Your website presents a map to the only
 True Homeland - the vision,
 the geometry, light but exact and
 glowing, like a butterly's flight.
 Thank you for all this -
 your new friend Giulio
Date: Sat Jan 18 11:34:58 2003
Message:   Feedback to your page on Northern
 Ireland (www.beyond-the-
 Hello Anthony.
 Your assessment of Northern Irish
 people is as accurate a study of the
 regional character as I have yet heard.
 I was born in Bangor, county Down, but
 have lived most of my adult life in
 Ecuador and Venezuela, where I studied
 and worked as a lecturer. I recently
 returned to Northern Ireland for what I
 hope will be a brief stay. My foreign
 ex-wife, normally uncritical, visited
 Northern Ireland and thought the people
 cold, spoiled and horrid. Every foreign
 visitor has been of this same opinion.
 So often we tell ourselves how great
 and friendly and warm we Northern Irish
 are. It is repeated like a mantra. How
 refreshing - and,surely, in the long
 term, beneficial - to hear an honest
 voice saying things that are actually
 borne out by evidence.
 If anything is to improve here we
 should concentrate less on feel-good
 slogans and spend more time taking a
 painful and anthropologically-accurate
 look at the nannied, self-pitying
 creatures we have become.
 Good luck,
 Miles, January 2003.
From: Neil Carey,
Date: Mon Jan 13 11:05:33 2003
Message:   Just came across this site via the
 megalithic map site. Nice to see an
 island of fresh ideas and poetry. I
 have written several poems, some
 projecting my own pagan viewpoints. I
 invite you to peruse them on my little
 web site,
 ( No personalised domaine name as yet)
 I would love feedback on these poems.
 Thanks you for your time,
From: Wendel
Date: Tue Dec 31 15:00:36 2002
Message:   never have seen such an interesting
 worked page.
 So I will cum again sooner or later it
 is so dramatically faszinating.
Date: Sat Dec 28 17:18:09 2002
Message:   Thank you thank you thank you. I have
 only just begun to go through your
 site. We are regarded as the insane
 (in America anyway), so I'm pleased
 that there may be growing numbers like
 us out there. I adore my horse who
 must have fallen from heaven. I can
 learn so much from her. I love my cats
 that have also come from heaven. My
 pets have better qualities than any
 people I know.
Date: Fri Dec 27 20:13:02 2002
Message:   Thank you Anthony Weir -- your images are
Date: Fri Dec 20 12:27:52 2002
Message:   Re the web pages on ogam writing,
 petroglyphs etc: I have to say this is
 a fantastic website, full of
 information and pics in just the right
 balance. As an Australian, I find
 some of the similarities between the
 petroglyphs there and here amazing.
 To think that two totally disparate
 cultures have come up with the same
 symbols and methods of recording them
 shows an underlying commonality
 between all people of the world. Keep
 up the good work!
Date: Wed Dec 18 12:50:45 2002
Message:   Dear whoever, I have just discovered
 yourwebsite which has ar oused my
 interest becaues 1. visual art
 andpoetry are together 2. Ireland 3.
 Balkans and in particular the work of
 Vask Popa
From: John Spencer
Date: Sat Dec 7 11:13:22 2002
Message:   I sat at my desk at 9.30 this morning
 looking up crannogs as until last night
 as was unaware of their presence.
 After an hour learning about
 sweathouses and other bits and pieces I
 started out on the essays and poetry.
 I cannot say anymore than thank you for
 the most meaningful site I have ever
 entered. It is now 11.45.
From: Edgy Brown
Date: Tue Dec 3 14:10:04 2002
Message:   Eraser
 When we are born
 they think us
 blank slates
 to scribble
 impart wisdom's "absolutes"
 to understand
 what it means
 to have
 beating mind
 and those words etched on
 our brains
 drive our confusion
 we spend our lives
 the damage
 Thanks for a wonderful website. I've
 spent that last several days of my
 death enjoying the mingling of our
 sentiment. I need more time.
Date: Wed Nov 20 09:09:44 2002
Message:   I'm myself a bektashi from my
 background, i thank you for giving
 some insight on this spiritual order,
 i'm agnostic, but yet amazed at the
 material of this website. keep it up
From: mike
Date: Tue Nov 12 22:45:48 2002
Message:   Great site
Date: Mon Nov 11 22:01:27 2002
Message:   i hit this link while going through my
 email from and
 although all i've been able to glance
 at are the fabulous photos of the
 different monoliths be assured i'll be
 back....i spent 2 weeks tramping
 around the entire coast of ireland and
 now i have to go and look at my photos
 again so i can compare and plan for
 next time so i don't miss anything....
 totally awesome!!!!
From: dscvsd
Date: Fri Nov 8 18:59:31 2002
Message:   i like this
From: Jehovanna Arcia Torres
Date: Sat Nov 2 10:55:02 2002
Message:   I want you to know how wonderful I
 consider your site. I found it
 accidentally while looking for Omar
 Khayyám poems and analyses. I am a
 Panamanian who is studying, almost
 finishing, a second bachelor's, the
 latter in English and it was great for
 me to get information written in
 English from people that think like
 me. In my country it is not easy to
 speak with someone about poetry,
 history and philosophy...people seem to
 be completely absorbed by working.
 Keep up the good work.
From: Urochs, Singapore
Date: Thu Oct 31 14:44:50 2002
Message:   Well, I have NEVER come across a 'bear'-
 ish site like yours
 before, and believe me, I have
 traversed many ursine
 sites. Yours manages to seduce me both
 and cerebrally, whereas other bear
 sites manage only
 the latter.:)
 I like the somewhat mysterious,
 brooding atmosphere of
 your pages too, it really makes the
 reader want to
 know more about the author. This is
 also the first
 time I have encountered a western gay-
 person who
 is conscious of the agony of the
 slaughterhouse. Gay people are so often
 so trivial and superficial - but one
 could certainly not say this about this
 splendid site.
From: Stephanie Franks
Date: Thu Oct 31 14:41:42 2002
Message:   I would like to say that this is a
 fantastic website.
 Are there anymore websites with
 Albanian poems plus translations ?
From: (Nick Power)
Date: Wed Oct 30 23:19:00 2002
Message:   Simply an awesome site! I came here for
 Yeats' poetry-for-pornos and left only
 after searching forever for a standing
 stone on the side of the Nore that I
 used to pick mushrooms around as a young
 'un. Thank you.
From: todd
Date: Sat Oct 26 19:10:06 2002
Message:   Your webcite's comments on the recent
 October terrorist bombing in Bali was
 both relevelant and insightful.
 You point out what the business press
 have glossed over and buried in
 covering this tragedy. That terrorism
 is a symptom of a parasitic tourism
 industry which exploits and feeds off
 indigenous cultures. That as the
 weapon of the humiliated, terrorism is
 the violent reaction to this trend.
 It was refereshing to hear this point
 of view. Especially, in light of the
 fact that I work in Japan with
 privilaged whites whose only lament on
 the Bali bombing was that it altered
 their vacation plans.
From: Upright Citizen
Date: Fri Oct 25 12:48:56 2002
Message:   Yes- Evil Rules!
 Good can suck it:
 Suck it, good!
 (in memory of Antonin Artaud and Jean
From: Gerald
Date: Mon Oct 21 18:21:21 2002
Message:   We lament the passing of the old
 religions and the celebration of the
 natural forces. No longer do the
 people look to the skies in genuine
 wonder. We have scientists and
 astronomers to do the job for us. In
 fact we have any number of experts who
 may lead our lives for us. We are
 already dead. The rest is a formality.
 - Gerald Sturdy
Date: Thu Oct 17 09:36:48 2002
Message:   GENERAL
 mirrors my own sense of indignation.
 but i'm scared of your angst towards
 not the wisest of attitudes - leads no
 (like an ant angry with a jet plane for
 blowing it someplace else.
 fancy this ant carrying this grudge
 such that it makes it the defining
 passion for its life!!!)
 catch my drift?
 you may visit my humble contribution to
 world history at
From: Kenneth F Decker
Date: Sun Sep 22 16:02:36 2002
Message:   You have such a great heart, and I
 think your website is incredible:
 Menhirs, megaliths, and Romanesque
 What you've put together is
 I (living in a country that even
 commits universal violence on the
 penis) must advance my studies here and
 create a website, as I've been
 totally inspired by you.
From: Ina - Shqipetare ne Amerike
Date: Sat Sep 21 17:23:41 2002
Message:   Mendoje qe flisni shqip, keshtu qe po
 ju shkruaj ne gjuhen time.I lexova
 poemat shqipetare me kenaqesi dhe u
 befasova.Keni bere nje pune te
 Faleminderit shume
Date: Wed Sep 11 00:55:44 2002
Message:   I have great interest in your pillar
 crosses. We have one in the parish of
 Manister that is a large stone
 Byzantine cross with a steel spicket
 through the centre of the cross section.
  We suspect that this is quite old as
 it came from a church site that had
 reference to it in 1201. The cross has
 `mortice and tinnon` joint and the
 whole although plain is very finely
 made. Could we be correct in thinking
 that it could be early in the second
Date: Mon Sep 9 21:30:36 2002
Message:   Thank you for this extraordinary
 effort! I am in ecstasy to know that
 not all of us are mindless morons. Your
 website definitely saved some of my
 neurons this afternoon! Thank you,
 Thank you!!
From: fuzzybutt
Date: Fri Aug 23 17:25:58 2002
Message:   Hi there, Anthony,
 I am sure you must get lots of e-mail,
 but i just wanted to say that I found
 your web site really interesting!
 How refreshing to find a man who is not
 handsome, but actually has a brain that
 is not in his pants.
 I am going to add your web site to my
 favourites, as I have been
 exploring it for almost 2 hours, and I
 can see there is still so much
 more to discover.
Date: Thu Aug 22 13:04:59 2002
Message:   What a great website!
 It is really good.
 Thank you for sharing your creativity.
From: ground zero
Date: Fri Aug 9 22:45:52 2002
Message:   Numb with fear
 hello my dear
 how was your day? anyway
 turning room, makeshift tomb
 no time to think
 as all begins to sink
 or so we think
 what was lost? a summer's frost
 summer's frost filled lovely days
 how was your day? anyway
From: Gerard
Date: Sat Aug 3 18:17:35 2002
Message:   The usual mode of a person who ventilates
 interest in megaliths is romantic in essence.
 This is not the case with you. I believe you
 looked at megaliths to find expression of the
 same questions and answers that the texts and
 poetry on your website deal with.
 To add to the feeling of estrangement or kinship
 on my part, I was impressed to see your images as
 displayed on the web pages, and the metamorphotos.
From: Olivier Soulier
Date: Thu Jul 25 10:40:01 2002
Message:   Passioné de mégalithes, historien médiéviste de
 formation et photographe,
 j'ai avec plaisir découvert votre site.
Date: Wed Jul 24 23:39:23 2002
Message:   'by the time you need to you can't'
 How true of all emotional events, effort to keep
 a loved one removes the love from the effort,
 time spent working for the future removes time
 from the present.
 How true.
Date: Sun Jul 7 13:37:05 2002
Message:   sweathouses, referring to earlier use. One
 sweathouse was excavated in the 1970s by Claire
 Foley (never published)at Kilmore, Leitrim
 (Parke's Castle)on the shore of Lough Gill.
 Alledgedly it produced 12th century dates, by far
 predating the O'Rourke towerhouse. I never
 bothered, but there is probably a detailed report
 lodged with Duchas, happy researching, great
 work, your page. Tatjana
From: yggdrart
Date: Tue Jul 2 12:23:18 2002
Message:   Ton site est de plus en plus complet
From: Adam Burtch
Date: Sun Jun 30 03:30:29 2002
Message:   This hand-wringing existentialism is a holdover
 from Parisians who think that despair is sexually
 alluring. Trust me, it isn't. There is
 absolutely no more useless activity than
 following the life philosophy of joyless man.
Date: Sun Jun 9 10:01:43 2002
Message:   Your website stirred my soul.
 Now I understand a lot of things.
 Thanks, my friend.


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From: Stone Circle Fan
Date: Wed May 29 10:41:06 2002
Message:   Just saying Hi from Australia.
 I now have your site listed in Favourites, as I
 think that this site would have to be in the Top
 Keep up the good work.
 Larry Davis
From: f***
Date: Sun May 26 11:10:35 2002
Message:   I've only looked at one page so far :Suicide for
 I love it!
Date: Mon May 13 16:37:14 2002
Message:   I've just come across your site, and am most
 impressed with your work on the ancient monuments
 of Ireland. I have seen and photographed a number
 of them - in virtually all the counties - so I
 appreciate the thoroughness of your research and
 the quality of your photographs all the more.
 Thanks for a wonderful resource.
 Joe Johnston
From: Ylli Jasa
Date: Wed May 8 18:22:31 2002
Message:   Ringrazio dal tutto il cuore per la vostra
 collaborazione e la publicazione delle mie poesie
 in albanese e in inglese. mi dispiace che mi
 esprimo in un'altra lingua per essere capito poi
 in un'altra lingua, comunque questo passaggio di
 lingue albanese italiano inglese verifica una
 cosa in assoluto che la comunicazione nostra ...
 è universale. Grazie di nuovo,
 thank you,
 Ommm !
 ylli jasa - Udine - Italy
From: hi its a great site theres loads to see i really enjoyed it!
Date: Sat May 4 18:47:41 2002
From: Jenny
Date: Mon Apr 29 02:58:13 2002
Message:   I love the wealth of poetry brimming out of your
 pages. Would love to know more about the authors
 especially those who don't have much data about
 them over the internet such as Vasko Popa (except
 those written in Serbian). I don't speak Serbian
 so it would be wonderful to learn about the life
 of Popa and other poets like him through english
 translations of his brief biography. Cheers!
From: Delighted
Date: Tue Apr 23 16:20:25 2002
 What a delightful hour of smiles I've spent seeing
 parts (!) of Ireland I
 didn't see in two visits. Tempted to waken my
 husband and ask him (he's been
 there six times!) but fear what reprisals might
 come up. Bless you.
From: Elaine
Date: Wed Apr 3 20:57:01 2002
Message:   This is a very nice web site and contains a lot
 of valuable information and picturisque
 photographs that you wouldn,t find any where
 else keep up the good work!
From: Urso
Date: Tue Apr 2 06:44:52 2002
Message:   A friend told me about your site. I've really
 enjoyed it. Wonderful photography!
 I just created a site of bearded men kissing
 and included a link to your site (assuming that
 is OK).
 My site will eventually be at but is currently
From: Zabvenniy
Date: Sat Mar 23 14:16:08 2002
Message:   Brilliant site! Bursting with originality and
 questioningness...a rare site for anyone who
 claims to think.
From: Amit Ray
Date: Tue Mar 12 10:28:31 2002
Message:   What a labyrinth of unforseen pleasure in
 stumbling upon this site...I
 shall quietly propagate the word(s)
 Thank you for creating some wonder in my world
 -Amit Ray
 Assistant Professor of Language and Literature
 Rochester Institute of Technology
 Rochester, NY
From: Theresa Kishkan (
Date: Wed Feb 20 03:57:22 2002
Message:   The photographs of stones and ruins are absolutely
 wonderful. Very evocative and well-balanced.
Date: Sat Feb 9 17:37:47 2002
Message:   Howdy neighbor, Just dropped in to read a poem or
 two. What page? Oscars of course!
 rejoice in the dog
 I see you have a lot more since I was here last.
 Have to go now but will be back as soon as I get
 a little more time.
From: Wisp from the Netherlands
Date: Sun Jan 6 21:37:55 2002
Message:   Hi there,
 I love you`re website it`s great.
 Nice pictures and story`s
 You see me here again thats for sure.
 Greetings from Wisp from Rotterdam Holland
From: Vyne
Date: Fri Dec 28 20:23:14 2001
Message:   I have enjoyed your beyond-the-pale site for well
 over a year now,
 having found you while living on a mountain-top
 in Northern California...
 I am now ready to leave America for a good while.
From: Mark
Date: Wed Dec 19 20:59:21 2001
Message:   I just stumbled upon your web site and began to
 read "rejoice in the dog". I
 sat there in stunned silence reading thoughts and
 feelings I have felt but
 never shared with anyone before. As I progressed
 down the web page, I came
 to your familiar photo. I remembered seeing your
 photo at and
 thinking how much I would like to meet you.
 I would never have written simply because I find
 you handsome. BUT YOUR
 WORDS!!! Such bravery you have! I sat there
 with tears running down my
 face just to know another man felt for his dog in
 the same way I do for
From: Eileen
Date: Tue Nov 27 22:47:42 2001
Message:   I was very pleased to find this sight. I have
 visited one tomb in Ireland but did not know that
 so many more existed like this. I can not wait
 to get back and tour more.
Date: Wed Nov 14 00:13:53 2001
Message:   I have just begun my journey here---I am thrilled-
 ---I am entranced----I will be back again---and
  Thank you !!
Date: Sun Nov 11 02:08:42 2001
 Such a delightful site...something entertaining and thoughtful at every turn. I particularly enjoyed the Bearded Men Kissing. Thank you.
From: Marcus in Brazil
Date: Mon Nov 5 17:02:17 2001
Message:   I loved your site - especially the Bearded Men
 Kissing pages. Big hugs,
From: Agron Zeqo, Canada
Date: Wed Oct 3 17:11:27 2001
Message:   Je ne vous connaît pas, pourtant je voudrais vous
 remercier pour votre affection vers mon pays,
 Even though I don't know you, your art is very
 close to our way of thinking, notre mentalité.
From: hassan-i sabbah
Date: Tue Oct 2 17:53:26 2001
Message:   this is a beautiful site, i wonder if you are
 familiar with such writers as robert anton wilson
 or john zerzan, both of which would/could be a
 good addition..
From: Rashid Muhammad
Date: Mon Sep 3 12:34:12 2001
Message:   It is the best in the world of aesthetics.
 It is a real wonderment to keep the spirit alive
 in these days of passive acceptance of every
 You dispel despair.
 One can NOW say his 'NO' with confidence.
 Rashid Zaman
From: Darren Richards
Date: Sun Jul 22 06:37:57 2001
Message:   It's all very intriguing and appears you have put
 a lot of work into this site. Very well done.
From: Tony
Date: Thu Jul 5 16:53:38 2001
 Hey man,
 I greatly enjoyed exploring your various web
 pages, from the bearded kissing men to the
 religious exhibitionistic carvings. You have a
 marvelous collection of pictures and many
 thoughtful observations as well. Thank you
 for sharing all of it!
From: Jacquie Scherr
Date: Sun Jun 17 03:41:23 2001
Message:   I am commenting on Irish Genius and Lament of the
 Earth Mother.
 I have not viewed the rest of your site, but if
 the rest is anything at all like the above
 mentioned, it is simply marvelous. Beautifully
 done - I will bookmark and come back.
From: michèle vassal
Date: Tue May 29 09:01:05 2001
Message:   - integrity, beauty and intensity
 and more..It's hard to move on and leave your
 site, actually I haven't been able to yet..
Date: Sun Apr 22 15:12:23 2001
Message:   I have been looking through your pictures of
 monuments for each county and have thoroughly
 enjoyed your website. Sacred Ireland holds a
 special place in my heart. I now have a better
 list of places to visit on my next trip to
 Ireland which I hope will be soon. Being an
 American makes me appreciate the ancient history
 of Ireland all the more. We have very little
 truly ancient history in this country, maybe
 that's why I've never felt connected to the
 United States, our roots all somewhere else.
 Thank you for sharing your photos and knowledge,
 it is most appreciated.
 Karen Peltier
Date: Thu Apr 12 14:25:50 2001
Message:   What a sight (site)!!! So erotic, without all the
 "trash". Would love you to photograph this aging
 pile of bone. Thanks ...
 When youth was my ally and lonliness was not an
 option -
 When boisterous laughter covered the tears and
 insecurity -
 When happiness was but the next kiss away, on lips
 still sweetened with innocence -
 But Now the lies of youth have borne their bitter
 And the taste is bitter in my mouth -
 My hope is that it has not poisoned, my heart
 and/or my soul...
Date: Tue Mar 20 04:09:54 2001
Message:   Dear Anthony,Your site is really
 wonderful~brillant images~Are all of these your
 work,or do others contribute as well? I plan to
 return often. I only read the page of the day but
 am so impressed with the diversity and quality.An
 oasis in the (too often) wasteland of the web
 Thank you~~~ please keep on with your excellent
From: Avan
Date: Sun Mar 11 20:14:40 2001
Message:   Celtic tombs page was wonderful
From: Brixhilda Jasa
Date: Fri Mar 9 18:17:18 2001
Message:   Dear Sir,
 I looked through your webpage and I found it
 wonderful. Especially the
 poetry in Albanian, was the one who struck me the
 most. I was informed about
 this web-page from Zana Toskaj who currently is
 in USA. She is very
 enthusiastic about your work and I read about you
 with great pleasure.
 Sincerely yours
 Brixhilda Jasa
Date: Sun Mar 4 12:57:28 2001
 The prehistoric side of your website is
 absolutely terrific.
 I will pass the address on to interested friends.
 Thanks for sharing
From: dave in louisiana
Date: Sat Mar 3 18:31:51 2001
Message:   our church is working on a Celtic service for St.
 Patrick's Day weekend and your site on Irish
 stone circles will be invaluable. Thanks!
From: An albanian woman from MI
Date: Sun Feb 11 01:43:41 2001
 Many many thanks for adding Albanian Flags in
 your Albanian page.I am so grateful for what you
 have done and for your sincere feelings toward my
 small, but lovely country and its people. YOU
 make all of us to be so proud for being albanian
 people.Thanks man from my bottom of my heart.
 My best Wishes to you Anthony !!!!
From: Dr. Robert Elsie
Date: Sat Feb 10 16:30:36 2001
Message:   I was quite impressed by your Albanian poems.
 How does an Albanian happen to know English that
 Robert Elsie
 Have a look at my new homepage!
 Besuchen Sie meine neue Homepage!
From: balletomane
Date: Fri Jan 26 22:13:24 2001
Message:   I am astonished, given the numbers of visitors to
 your tattoo pages,
  to see the number who have gone to the end of
 your Imagepoem (
  And I've been there twice!
Date: Tue Jan 23 20:06:30 2001
Message:   Your site is, indeed, beyond the pale. I would
 like to visit on my first trip to Ireland. You
 are fascinating.
Date: Fri Jan 19 17:33:50 2001
Message:   Marvellous, my thanks, a true pleasure to have
 been able to have viewed your personal collection
 of photos, congratulations for a very good web
From: Stewart Bruce
Date: Tue Jan 16 21:43:05 2001
Message:   The site is great, and the material even more
 Interesting synergy
 between the two but I suppose that's real
 (You're an astonishing web artist.)
From: Michael W. O'Beirne
Date: Mon Jan 15 05:39:41 2001
Message:   I don't know how I could have missed your site in
 the past. I am amazed at the effort that has
 gone into doing a fantastic presentation. All
 the best from America. Keep up the creative
From: Trueman Greenwood
Date: Mon Jan 15 01:06:40 2001
  To Anthony Weir:
 After finding my way (or perhaps having been
 guided) to your web-sites, I will never again be
 able to view my life experience in quite the same
 way as before.
 For one thing, it is a great comfort to me to
 learn that you exist. I feel less alone in the
 world, knowing you are here.
 Because I am a man who loves men, I strongly
 identify with much of what you have to say in
 your poetry, especially in (but not limited to)
 the Uranian poems.
 As I am a bearded man who loves bearded men, I
 find the images you make often strike me as
 I do not believe I have much talent myself, but
 if I have any talent at all, I think it is the
 ability to discern treasure from dross. What I
 sense from the impressions I am getting as I find
 out more about you and your work, is that I have
 stumbled upon treasure.
 I have no way of knowing whether or not you feel
 that all of the sacrifices you have had to make
 for your art and your life have been worth it.
 Please know that this man is very grateful to you
 for your example and for your work.
  Trueman Greenwood

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