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Mima Kurjakova
Belgrade, Serbia


They tried to explain to me
You have no father
You have no education
You have no money

You have no lover

They tried to explain to me
The bus is full
Your hair is dirty

I thought of murder
But I can't face
Or punishment
Or testifying

For me it is enough
To know nothing

And it cannot help
To pray for those
Good or bad
Or insane people

So I move like graphite
Or granite
Like stone
In the saddle
Of a golden-hoofed

My hands held
Behind my back

Without spurs
Knowing nothing


Did we know
what we shared
what we had
and what we hoped ?

Did we know
what we shared
while we were wondering
what there was to share ?

And what in the end
did we have ?

A bird in a box
Horns on a plate
A loaf wrapped in a belt
An aggressive smile

Did we cheat each other ?
Did we share and share alike ?

And what do we have now ?

Just the road.
[I repeat to myself:
The Road

And a bet [or a race]
with the sun
I pick up the sword
and I run

To a dead end
where the road
falls away
into space



Only the sun understands
kissing without touching
Only the sun can kiss the world
like an infinitely-armed octopus
up Shit Creek

He and I keep playing















a small town in france

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