Why do I have a computer
if I have been without television all my life

and heat my water in a big black kettle on an open fire ?

Because television is an entirely passive and mind-numbing,
disempowering medium, immeasurably less convivial
than the flames of a fire in a hearth;
while running a website is creative,
mind-expanding, friend-making fun.

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And because I am a person who sees television
as a brain-raping, greed-implanting, totalitarianising malignance,
I have never locked my isolated, rural house in 20 years,
I rarely lock my car (and leave the keys in it
when it is parked outside my house),
I don't have a microwave or washing-machine.
I have never worn jeans (and rarely a tie).
I have never had a job, but lived the contemplative life
trying not to do any harm to the world.

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