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DISSIDENT WEBSITES: POETRY including the revised, collected poems of Anthony Weir under various wolf-pseudonyms

dissident editions manifesto

showcase page of the month: readers' contributions and/or translations of little-known and superb poets

archive of selections from previous pages of the month (with pictures and metamorphotos)

the zen of no-enlightenment (5 pages with poems, photographs and metamorphotos by anthony weir)

rejoice in the dog: canine poems by anthony weir (with pictures)

dispatches from the war against the world: poems by anthony weir (with pictures and metamorphotos)

bilingual poems in albanian/në shqip, by anthony weir and poems about albania/shqipërië (with pictures)

albanian love-poems, by ylli jasa and ismail kadare (with pictures)

albanian poems of dissidence by mirash ivanaj and dalan luzaj (with pictures)

albanian poems of dissidence by trifon xhagjika, namik mane, gazmend elezi, bilal xhaferri, luljeta lleshanaku,
elvana bilali, azem shkreli, bujar sdalihu, virgjil muçi, brikena smajli and irma spaho

albanian poems of exile by blerim kasneci

albanian poems by ferdinand laholli and irhan jubica

mitrush kuteli and 'albanian dirt': problems of translation

poems in french by anthony weir/poèmes en langue française (with pictures/avec photos)

translation of pierre de ronsard's "Quand vous serez bien vieille" with the original text and a paraphrase by Yeats for comparison

the hells going on: poems by tom baer (with pictures)

foreground trouble: poems by tom matthews (with picture)

the joy of suicide: poems by anthony weir (with pictures)

book disease: poems by andi garwood and anthony weir (with pictures)

the transcendental hotel: poems by anthony weir (with pictures and metamorphotos)

cinema of the blind: early poems by anthony weir (with pictures)

the earth-mother's lamentation: translation by anthony weir from the old irish poem about the "cailleach bh�arra" or "hag of beare" (with pictures)

uranian (tricho-Trichonophilous) poems by anthony weir (with pictures and metamorphotos) three pages

haikai by okami (anthony weir) (with pictures)

haikai on the edge/haikai by santoka (with pictures)

separate amputations: quatrains by anthony weir

black hole of your heart: glosses by anthony weir on poems by doug draime(with pictures)

jung's motel: poems (with pictures)

translations (by anthony weir) from the serbian by the celebrated yugoslav poet vasko popa (with pictures)

post-millennium maggot & gloss on the ninth elegy of rainer-maria rilke: poems by anthony weir (with pictures)

leda and the swan: w.b. yeats' famous poem, applet-illustrated

non sum qualis eram bonæ sub regno cynaræ or cynara: fin-de-siècle poem by ernest dowson, applet-illustrated

confession: a serbian poem by mima kurjakova written in english

what heart has not its treasons ? : ten poems by arthur rimbaud translated by anthony weir (with photos)

dialogue with his heart: three poems by françois villon translated by anthony weir

the rubaiyat of omar khayyam: annotated version of the translation by edward fitzgerald, with illustrations

genrikh sapgir: an ironic siberian jewish mystic's poems translated by artyom kotyenko and anthony weir

ultimate leaves: poems by steve kirchhoff

romanian poem "am ne pimine" by ion caraion in original romanian

translation by anthony weir of a poem by miroslav holub

the book of nothing by anthony weir

the sexy jihad: poems by stephen cullis

destiny and destination: poems by suchoon mo

awaiting the barbarians: poem by george cavafy

already backwards: poems by glenn colquhoun

the smell of possibilities: poems by pablo omar (paul flaherty)

where to store furs: poems by edna st.vincent millay

beppo: a satire by lord byron

a light in ruins: poems by yunna morits, translated by anthony weir and artyom kotyenko

translations of poems by hans magnus enzensberger

hell: poem by mtc cronin and translations of poems by bertolt brecht and heiner müller

the diogenes sequence: poems by anthony weir

the zen of poetry (by anthony weir)

versions of jalal-ud-din rumi by anthony weir

perhaps (maybe) a poem by anthony weir to be read aloud

some notes on beards (with photos)

translations of ronsard by anthony weir

translations from the japanese of wilson by graeme roberts and anthony weir

some modern persian (iranian) poems, translated/adapted by anthony weir

some modern iranian (persian) poems, translated/adapted by anthony weir

my hero: a poem about dr grigori yakovlevich perelman with illustrations and commentary, all by anthony weir

old clothes: poems by Orhan Veli Kanık in versions by anthony weir (with photos)

six translations of a poem from 'the book of hours' (stundenbuch) by rainer maria rilke (with pictures)

poems selected from "100 so-called poems" by eric chaet

translations by anthony weir of poems in lithuanian by eugenijus ališanka & sigitas parulskis

gloss on / expansion of a poem of WISŁAWA SZYMBORSKA by anthony weir

vagabondage: poems by David Rickerby edited and selected by anthony weir

rilke's poem about the panther in the paris zoo, in a new translation by anthony weir (with pictures)

draft poems and poems not quite finished - or ready to be scrapped - by anthony weir, of course

poems by elizabeth sheehan



maxims: 400 revolutionary maxims by swami vrhka baba (anthony weir) (with pictures)

anthony weir's maxims translated into hungarian

nice men and suicide of an alien: prose poem by terry miles, nearly-blind artist (with picture)
and prose-poem/confession by blaidd macintyre (
anthony weir)

vacuum of desire: a 'gay' correspondence exchanged in march 2005 (with pictures)

the most terrible event in history by anthony weir (with pictures)

disgusting by anthony weir (with pictures)

the rich man and the leper by anthony weir (with pictures)

art, truth and bafflement by anthony weir (with pictures)



godpieces: stories by emma whitehead

the new three bears by 'fritters'

three albanian tales by blerta alikaj

on taking mephedrone by anthony weir (with a picture)

a new creation story by anthony weir




womb of half-fogged mirrors: diary of an old woman's dementia (with photos)

being or television: why do I have a computer when I have refused to have television all my life ?

with mrs dalloway in ukraine by horatio morpurgo

tourism and terrorism: essays by hakim bey and anthony weir (with pictures)

anti-fairy tales by viggo stuckenberg, translated from the danish by anthony weir (with pictures)

this sorry scheme of things: essay by anthony weir on omar khayyam (with pictures)

satan in the groin: photographs and essays by anthony weir on exhibitionist carvings and related motifs of sin on 12th century churches

u.g. krishnamurti: parts 2 and 3 of conversations with jeffrey masson ("the courage to stand alone"), with links

diogenes of sinope (by anthony weir): all that is known of the greatest of all recorded philosophers (with picture), together with a brief analysis of what pauline christianity did to one of his followers,
and a note on the cathars of southern and western france

shoplifting in britain and america (with pictures)

the bektashi order of sufi dervishes: descriptions and observations (with pictures)

a lost rustic icon from albania showing saint simeon stylites, saint onouphrios and the monk stylianos (with pictures)

helping albanian donkeys: a report on an initiative (projekti gomar) by dissident editions/anthony weir (with pictures)

northern ireland insight: the bleakness of living in a determinedly-charmless statelet (by anthony weir) [offsite]

a muezzin from the tower of darkness: their shit hit our fan (by anthony weir)

a holy dog and a dog-headed saint: guinefort and christopher cynocephalos / cynephorus (by anthony weir) (with pictures)

fools for nothingness - the atheist as failed saint: antonin artaud, jean genet and fools for christ (by anthony weir) (with pictures)

genocide in chechnya: review of two books on russia's war of extermination, by oleg gordievsky

death of a bestseller (by anthony weir)

happiness: book review and philosophical essay by anthony weir

a holocaust near you: an essay by anthony weir

londons of the mind and dealing death to the caspian, by horatio morpurgo

running on emptiness: the failure of symbolic thought, by john zerzan

a note on beards

the absinthe drinker: an essay on pastis, pernod and absinthe by anthony weir

tiger wine: a short and horrific account of the commercial use of wild animals in china

zoophilia: a guide to sex with dolphins adapted and illustrated by anthony weir from an interview with "Dragon-wolfe Dolphinn" on another website

bodhisattvas never say goodbye: an essay on love

translation and the oulipo by harry mathews - essay first presented at the French Institute in London in October, 1996

musings on the concept of original sin by anthony weir

a gay man's guide to soft-willy sex by anthony weir (with photographs)

the healing science of masturbation: adapted and conflated by anthony weir from accounts in (with photographs)

the visit: diary of a long, blind date

homosensuality : the holosensual alternative: an essay on anticapitalist sexuality by anthony weir (illustrated)

did franco die ? an account of insane behaviour by the spanish traffic police and spain's fascist inheritance (illustrated)

against money - containing an essay entitled 'give it away' by david graeber, an introduction to the writings of marcel mauss (illustrated)

never a pygmy - an account of an aborted attempt to live with the pygmies of the lobaye/likouala forests (illustrated)

single track in the snow - a train journey from lexos to capdenac (illustrated)

a page for linwood (a lover for half an hour) - with handsome illustrations drawn from 'pornographic' websites

the speech of antisthenes on poverty from The Symposium of zenophon in a new version by anthony weir (illustrated)

schopenhauer for muthafuckers - a ghetto-version of part of On Pessimism by stephen thomas

after a first cataract operation - a warning about what to expect in the uk (illustrated)

one not one - the missing year by anthony weir

an occitanian baby-hatch (for abandoned babies_ by anthony weir

ancient violence in the amazon

a note about the bonehouse near caledon, county tyrone, ireland

helens tower, clandeboye, county down, northern ireland

hush arbors brush arbors hush harbors in the united states a brief note by anthony weir

(more pages by anthony weir:)

experimental minimal web-unique poems with photographs and 'metamorphotos'

about egregious: brief explanation of experimental web-specific poems at the frontier of poetry

bearded men kissing

tattoos: artistic photographs and solarizations by anthony weir of his pubic tattoos, with links

two homo-erotic eastern miniatures from iran and kashmir (with high-resolution photos)

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