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the glory of masturbation, the spiritual wank, heaven in the body on earth



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sexual self-determination:
edited and conflated by Anthony Weir from articles found in


Ejaculation by itself is just a bunch or knot of strong spasms a bit like cramps, which may or may not feel very good, and which prevent much sexual fun for a while afterwards (which means hours or days for older males). It offers not much pleasure for (sometimes, especially in older males) considerable effort.

Orgasm, on the other hand, is pure sensation of mind and body in union (for once), a series of layers of gentle spasms and delicious feelings tingling all over the body - feelings so intense they make you want to actually swim inside your own body, while pumping harder and harder until and while you ejaculate. But if you can avoid the "harder-and-harder" trap, and just enjoy and prolong the feelings as they are, your body can get used to them, can recognize and accept even more intense feelings, and can reflexively hover in the magic and to most people restricted zone where orgasm has started but ejaculation has not.

When I first started learning Advanced Masturbation, I had to be in a very quiet, dark place, such as in bed by myself in a darkened room. But the more I progressed, the faster I could reach a special level of consciousness, which seems to require the resurrection of an almost-unused part of the brain - a part that we are in fact taught to suppress. Here is how I began:

First of all, I can excite myself sexually simply by sniffing my armpits. I am not a follower of the false god Hygenie. The smell of my unwashed cock is even more of a turn-on, especially if there is nice fresh cheese in it to eat. Cock-cheese is not a disease, but a natural product - which, I grant you, can be a little irritating when it starts to break down, so it is best eaten the first or second day.

Lying in the dark, I slowly bring my hands up to my chest and towards my nipples. I begin to massage their haloes in a circular motion with my fingertip. Then I touch each one ever so lightly I'll start to ooze, if I haven't oozed earlier.

I then begin to pleasure my cock and balls, now massaging my nipples with one hand, close to the point of orgasm, stopping at the crucial moment, as described below, by closing off my urethral opening, just as I would should I want to stop pissing midstream. This is done by tensing the Pubococcygeus and Bulbospongiosus muscles between my legs.

The pubococcygeus muscle is in the perineum (between the scrotum and the anus), is involved in penile erection and ejaculation. I have exercised it over the years by flexing and relaxing it at will. When exercising it try not to contract any other muscles. I find that it's sometimes easier to do this sitting down.
Most 'muliti-orgasmic man' books and Taoist sex books go more in depth about pubococcygean exercises and techniques. The muscle is the chic little red waistcoat (vest) shown below.

The bulbospongiosus is part of the
Levator ani group in the anatomical illustration,
and is connected to the perineal and pudendal nerves.

This halts my ejaculation - but a purely nerve-based climax continues. My penis contracts inside, convulsing as it would were I ejaculating, but nothing is dispelled. At this moment, I resume masturbating, squeezing the head of my penis -thus experiencing the most incredible "dry" orgasm, lasting many times longer, and of a far greater sensitivity, than if I were experiencing a normal ejaculation at the same moment.

After a bit, my cock starts to spasm, giving me amazing intense feelings from the top of my head right to my feet. But then I stop - for just a moment, a second, still holding on - and let my body relax, make my cock relax but at the same time seem to expand upward. Then I resume touching, gently, reaching the point of no return in another stroke or two... then stop again. My cock is twitching involuntarily now, it feels like semen has filled its underside (this is a feeling induced by the Bulbospongiosus. Even the gentlest touch would send me over the edge, but I stroke anyway, a feather-touch, and yet the ejaculation doesn't happen, barely. Somehow, over a few years of this, my body has learned to accept this delicious intensity without exploding.

I'm in the everlasting-foreplay groove now, as intense orgasmic feelings course through my whole body. I feel my chest, biceps, stomach, back, thighs, all of them glowing with the pleasure radiating from my cock. The manipulation is now very gentle, slow and continuous, my breathing deep and slow and even, my mind quiet and focussed only on my body, the air, the bed, the sublime tension and yearning and gratification all together. The delicious feelings fill my whole awareness, with no dead space to think in, no other thoughts (not even fantasies!). I am consumed by the timeless pleasure of sheer feeling - and feeling good and solid beneath that electro-cosmic joy. I lose track of time, not knowing how long I've been going.

Maybe after awhile - maybe fifteen, twenty minutes - my mind will start to wander, and I'll realise I'm no longer on the razor-edge of ejaculation. So I take my hand off for a few seconds, take a few deep breaths, and start again. I relax all my muscles, relax my balls and cock, accept their radiant tension, feel my body, my chest... no more extraneous thoughts...

So I continue. But there are no more words to describe it, just the same and similar sensations returning, but with such immediacy and pleasure that boredom never comes, only an enveloping nowness of spasming cock and moist orgasmic energy spreading though my belly out onto my skin: Forevergasm!

Many men fantasise about swallowing their own semen, but once you've ejaculated, the motivation disappears.
The solution is simple: swallow it before you shoot ! After as much pleasure as I have time and inclination for, I lean back on my shoulders with my legs in the air, then I bring myself really close to orgasm a number of times, each time stopping to see how close I am...sooner or later you will come "too close" and ejaculate a little (or a lot!). BUT...stop right there, enjoy the taste and excitement of ejaculating into your own mouth - and adding whatever fantasy makes it even better. You can then continue enjoying all the inherent delights of your body and your brain until, eventually, you ejaculate - or stop until the next session.

The next session could well be a huge step forward: orgasm without even touching your cock. You can drift like a mist of pleasure into a new kind of awareness, hypnotic, psychopompic, dao-tantric.

I usually enter it at night in bed, naked in a tent on a summer evening, or in front of a winter fire, and I begin by making sure I'm perfectly comfortable, not too hot or cold or distracted in any way. Lying nude with my arms at my sides, I close my eyes, let all of my muscles relax, and I try to "see" just a total blank; sometimes interesting patterns will appear and I let myself go as close as possible into a kind of self-hypnotic state or trance. (For this, magic mushrooms will be a helper for some.)

I then begin focusing all of my thoughts and energy on my cock (not so easy with magic mushrooms), and it will usually get a little tingling sensation at this point - but will not necessarily be hard: perhaps semi-hard. I visualize that all of my senses are inside my penis, and I want to experience with my whole body exactly how it feels and how it wants to feel. I do not do anything to force my dick to feel a certain way, or the way I think it should react. I don't necessarily have to twitch it or try to make it throb or pulse (it's going to do that later on its own with no help from me), and I don't contract my anal muscles intentionally - for that also happens naturally.

Now I let my penis take total charge. Actually, I have mentally programmed my mind to control what goes on with my dick and to do what is necessary to make me have orgasms without further conscious effort on my part. I let Nature take its course. I remain passive by simply lying on my back (or side) and savouring every moment of the show that my cock is starting to put on for 'our' enjoyment - for in a way we are each other's audience.

Within a few minutes my bewitched penis will begin to swell somewhat, but it is not necessary at this early stage for it to get hard, even though the sensations felt inside my dick and the surrounding areas can be unbelievably intense at this time. In the next phase, I begin to feel that certain parts of it want attention and are receiving it, as if these parts were being licked or sucked at exactly the most sensitive spots, exactly as I would do it if I could get my mouth down there on it myself, or to tell another guy how to do it for me. These sensations become stronger and stronger in a rhythmic way with each breath.

I continue to lie still and cannot keep myself from sighing with the pleasure this is giving me. It's like being in another world, another universe, and I want it to go on forever. The sensations will later become even more intense and soon become orgasmic, wave after wave of orgasms of the most unbelievable intensity, in slow-motion, without ejaculation, lasting for many minutes. The orgasms are dry, as I do not ejaculate at this point, but the ecstasy is almost unbearable because they last so long and occur repeatedly many times.

Even if I never shot another load of cum again without jacking off or getting sucked, it would be wonderful just as it is. But I knew from having had the spontaneous orgasms that eventually I should be able to cum this way if I found the right mental stimulus, so I have persisted toward this goal, enjoying every failure along the way because the dry orgasms of the magnitude I have been having are indescribably satisfying in and of themselves.

But there is more to come (so to speak). Some time ago, I had an orgasm with the strongest and longest-lasting gushes of cum ever, and of the most mind-blowing dimensions, purely through mental concentration - true hands-off ejaculation. I had just become awake, and as usual my member was nicely enlarged if not rock hard at that point. I reached down and squeezed its hardening heat, and he (or she ?) responded by giving a little throb. Then I tucked it and my balls between my legs just a little and simply enjoyed the feeling. I was still half-asleep and hadn't opened my eyes yet, and just lay there peacefully, frequently lapsing back into that eerie in-between hypnopompic state of being half awake, half asleep.

In a minute or so I could sense that the blood was rushing from somewhere around my navel down into my dick and pelvic area, and within seconds I began to get that tingling sensation in my cock signalling that something special was about to happen. I instinctively yielded every part of my mind and body to the rapidly developing surge of pleasure and then entered another sexual level in which there was nothing in the universe except my mind and my dick, both of which were now ready to take charge over any remaining conscious thoughts I might have had, except those intent on helping me shoot. At this point all I had to do was to let it happen, without any kind of forcing.

So, I just lay there while my cock tensed up and the muscles around the 'root' began contracting ever so slightly. Soon I was feeling strong waves of orgasmic sensations, as before, with the muscles around the root of my dick contracting very gently all on their own, without any conscious effort on my part. I just lay back and quietly let out moans of pleasure every 5 seconds or so - that is how often the orgasms were coming - just about with each breath. I relaxed as completely as possible, stretching my arms out and letting them melt into the bed, all the while the orgasms were coming and I wanted them to last forever.

Gradually, the orgasmic contractions became faster and stronger, but I was still lying comfortably on my back, eyes shut, and not doing anything but experiencing what my dick had been programmed to do all along, with no help from me at this point. I just experienced the feelings. By now I was deeply in my selfsex 'trance' - and probably had been for quite a while - eyes still closed and eyeballs pointing upwards, my mind and body quietly but intensely in a state of ecstasy. After many minutes and several cycles of these incredible dry orgasms, and at a certain critical point that I had never intentionally crossed before without physical stimulation, I could feel in my dick and the surrounding muscles, in my drawn up balls, all the way down into my prostate and the ejaculatory mechanism, that I had entered the one-way road to squirting. No matter what I did now, I was going to shoot soon!

My meatus started to swell as it always does when one approaches the point of ejaculation, but it did so very gradually now. The muscles around the 'root' were contracting with stronger force, and my spine was arching almost imperceptibly with each contraction. I was breathing slightly faster than normal, but my body wasn't getting so tense and tightly drawn up the way it does when I'm pumping my cock hard and fast, as will happen in those types of wank-essions, or when I'm being sucked. Now, it was a gradual build-up to the inevitable climax, and my whole body was savouring the magic of the sensations, which kept coming with greater frequency. This was going to be a triple-intensity orgasm in slow-motion, and instead of having to perform all of the physical actions required for a regular orgasm, I could just lie back and enjoy my mind making love to my dick, or maybe it was the other way around. But I knew it would almost be like when you kick back and get a blow job, where the only thing you have to do is to supply the dick and let the guy sucking it do his thing, for his enjoyment as well as yours. Here, I was taking on both roles and doing both, to myself, with myself, and for myself. I was 'riding the tiger' of sexual and sensual self-knowledge, and of the divisible personality.

When I started on this sensual-spiritual journey, I used marijuana as a helper. For me it is an out-and-out aphrodisiac, and allows me to concentrate more on bodily feelings than on my thoughts about the feelings - for I am a binge-thinker. Cannabis and certain other 'entheogens' also seem to broaden the threshold between what you might call 'the orgasm emissions phase' and the ejaculatory reflex.

If you are lucky, you won't need to use disinhibitors.



I think it's the top-note hint of piss
above the lush scrotal blend
of tea-rose and vetiver
that turns me on
when I sniff my underwear


A Guide to the Physiology of the Male Ejaculatory Orgasm.

Reference books describe the event in stages involving sexual organ vasocongestion, rising to the plateau stage, then the orgasm which consists of internal sexual organ emissions and the ejaculation reflex response. Actually, events beyond the plateau phase can be broken into many additional stages. My first sensations come from my testes, which draw up into my body. When men first sense the arrival of their orgasm, those feelings emanate from the epididymis and the spermatic cords which contract and spasm to move sperm up the ductus (vas) deferens into the ampullary gland or ampulla, the triangular organ, point facing downward, that lies just above the prostate. The ampulla filling with sperm accentuates the pleasure of sexual stimulation. Continued penile stimulation soon triggers a hardening of the seminal vesicles which discharge fluid into the ampulla then into the ejaculatory ducts. Sufficient pressure quickly builds in the ejaculatory ducts to trigger a hardening of the prostate, which discharges directly into the urethra. Ejaculation is inevitable once the prostate hardens. Finally, the valves at the ends of the ejaculatory ducts open simultaneously with the initiation of the ejaculation reflex. Semen discharged from the penis comes in a distinct sequence of partially mixed emissions: 1.prostatic fluid (10%); 2. sperm (5%) and ampullary gland fluid (10%); 3. seminal fluid (70%) and again; 4. prostatic fluid (5%).

Note that there are valves at the ends of the ejaculatory ducts and that fluids pressure triggers the ejaculation reflex. I evidently can reach orgasm and discharge sperm, ampullary gland, and seminal vesicle fluid into the ejaculatory ducts without triggering ejaculation or the opening of the valves at the end of the seminal ducts.

I have trained myself to lock the ejaculatory duct-valves, through muscle-relaxation (as described above) even as the seminal vesicles proceed to harden and discharge, and pressure from ampullary gland fluid, sperm and seminal fluid builds up behind the duct valves. Abandoning stimulation to the penis halts the pressure which triggers ejaculation reflex.

With experience and exercise, I sense exactly how much more pressure can build before crossing the threshold to ejaculatory inevitability. My orgasms are stronger and ultimately continuous without triggering ejaculation. My seminal vesicles harden right after I have nearly squirted; hence they are almost constantly hard - and discharging. My prostate swells without hardening, currently to about just half as much during a full ejaculatory orgasm. Every approach to ejaculation increases the amount of fluid held in the ampulla, with an associated increase in pleasure and passion of sexual readiness.

Shortly after ceasing stimulation I can contract my Bulbospongiosus muscle and thereby press on my prostate and feel the fluids being pushed back up into the ampulla and seminal vesicles. This feeling of fluid movement and fullness is very pleasurable. I can stop masturbating, and hours or days later still feel the delicious build-up of fluids within. My testes also feel full and wonderfully sensitive.

But I can also make positive intervention by placing a middle finger into my rectum. In this way the hardening of the seminal vesicles and prostate can be palpated digitally. Softly massaging the prostate and ampulla when they are gorged from orgasmic filling is intensely pleasurable.

(so much foreplay, then more foreplay, and finally, self-love divine)

• Strengthen your sexual organ muscles.
• Increase your mental control over orgasms.
• Learn to measure the approach of your orgasm.
• Feel the emissions phase as separate from the ejaculatory phase of an orgasm.
• Practise the Stop-Go technique.
• When you are ready to orgasm lubricate your middle finger and stick it in your anus! Feel around your prostate (walnut sized organ one inch past your anus) then put your finger all the way in, past the prostate. With your finger gently probing above the prostate proceed to orgasm.
You can also use a gadget (NOT a dildo) specially designed for prostate-stimulation. But beware, the prostate is a rather fragile organ, and prone to damage - and cancer.

But then you must learn to resist the temptation of impending orgasm. You must relax and stop penile stimulation just when your 'piss-stopper muscle' would naturally start to press.

• Learn to get closer and closer to ejaculatory inevitability without passing that threshold.
• Build up your level of sexual excitement first with at least five stop and go sessions, then try to get really close to an orgasm and relax all sex-organ muscles. Get so close that you would have triggered an orgasm if you had not become fully relaxed. Your mission is continue to feel the orgasms approach for a few seconds even though you are not stimulating your penis. The lure to continue is very hard to resist.

To help resistance, try turning on a news channel or taking out the rubbish, or combing your pubic hair...

At this point, if you fancy a taste of your own seminal fluid, you can perform the actions described above.

• Try to spend one night or longer with your sex organs full and tingling.
In this way you can gain complete control of ejaculation.

When I finally decide (after hours or days) to ejaculate, I spurt in long, hard, hot, cosmogasmic gushes. Obviously, it is "beyond words" and has to be experienced to be appreciated - but 'nut-and-mind-blowing' gets somewhere near. In fact the total, holosensual experience of the sexual adept is one of the most exalted and profound known. You will probably lie there for a long time, feeling the wonderful, loving, wet warmth that you can bathe your whole being in.

In this respect, we can be wonderfully self-sufficient. (But should you find a partner, a whole new universe - that of sensual mutuality - will open up like a procession into Paradise.) Tantric/Daoist eroticism creates and develops erotic intelligence and passion; 'ordinary sex' diminishes them.

Why do people waste so much time, effort, money and emotional energy seeking good sex with another person, when it is this good on your own. But if you could find someone on the same wavelength, it would be love of a very special and intense kind, a truly spiritual love based on self- and mutual understanding of and integration with the body. This is why religions condemn masturbation: not just because it is a 'waste' of sperm (thought to contain 'soul')which could be used to increase the numbers of our terrible species. If people - male and female - could achieve the kind of ecstatic self-understanding that I have described, who would bother to wage war or go to work ? And so there would be no medical-military-industrial complex to turn us into guilt-ridden or solipsistic robots.

Further reading:

"The Joy of Solo Sex" and "The Multi-Orgasmic Man"
Dr. Harold Litten


The Body as Amusement-park : a History of Masturbation



This page is an edited conflation of articles contained in the fascinating website

The information below comes from

The word masturbation derives from the Latin words manus, meaning hand, and stupare, meaning to defile - originally mastupration.

The famous Catholic theologian Thomas Aquinas believed that masturbation was a worse sin than rape, incest, and adultery (because in these other sins procreation is a possibility). Pope Leo IX forbade masturbators from being admitted to sacred orders.

It was not until 1940 that a respected textbook, "Diseases of Infancy and Childhood," removed its discussion of masturbation from the chapter titled "Functional and Nervous Disorders."

Enthusiastically-varied Victorian anti-masturbation gadgetry included satanic instruments of torture like

and this:

(see also: http://www.rotten.com/library/sex/masturbation/kelloggs-cornflakes/)

The late-nineteenth century European fashion for the mutilation known as circumcision
resulted from a belief that it would inhibit masturbation
by removing most of the sensitive nerve-ends located under the foreskin.

Among some cultures, such as the Hopi in Arizona, the Wogeno in Oceania, and the Dahomeans and Namu of Africa, masturbation was often allowed or encouraged, including mutual masturbation between males. In certain Melanesian communities this was expected between boys, and between boys and married men, though no other kind of male-on-male sex was allowed.

In the Cubeo tribe of the Amazon, mutual masturbation was "semi-public." Among the Tikopia of the South Pacific, men masturbated themselves as other men watched.

Just for the record, porcupines masturbate by holding a stick between their legs and rubbing their genitals against it...

5 reasons why you should masturbate.

Train-driver caught masturbating during "delay".


"Masturbation is one of the greatest joys of life. One of Nature's few free gifts." - Karl White.

Further reading

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