Combatting Normality
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for Sixty Years

orpheus in soho

a seriously sexy man


measuring my face


old clothes

modern iranian poems

my hero

face at the bottom of the world

perhaps (maybe)

the diogenes sequence

already backwards

destiny and destination

the zen of no-enlightenment

a light in ruins

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awaiting the barbarians

the smell of possibilities

the sexy jihad

ultimate leaves

rejoice in the dog

post-millennium maggot

the book of nothing

dispatches from the war against the world

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the hells going on

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haikai by okami

haikai on the edge

black hole of your heart

jung's motel

wine and roses

confession from belgrade

gloss on rilke's ninth duino elegy

jewels and shit: poems by rimbaud

villon's dialogue with his heart

vasko popa:
a shepherd of wolves ?

the rubaiyát of omar khayyám


the love of pierre de ronsard



the maxims of michel de montaigne

400 revolutionary maxims

nice men and
  suicide of an alien

anti-fairy tales

font face="Bookman Old Style, Book Antiqua">the most terrible event in history

the rich man and the leper


art, truth and bafflement






with mrs dalloway in ukraine

good riddance to mankind

the three bears

three albanian tales

a little creation story



one not one

an occitanian baby-hatch

ancient violence
in the amazon

home, sweet home no longer

the ivory palace

helen's tower

extortion through e-bay

schopenhauer for muthafuckas

never a pygmy

against money

'original sin' followed by
crippled consciousness

a gay man's guide to soft-willy sex

the holosensual alternative

tiger wine

the death of poetry

the absinthe drinker

with mrs dalloway in ukraine

love  and  hell

running on emptiness

a holocaust near you

a note on the cathars


londons of the mind
& dealing death to the caspian


a muezzin from the tower of darkness

kegan and kagan

being or television

satan in the groin

womb of half-fogged mirrors

tourism and terrorism

diogenes: the dog from sinope


this sorry scheme of things

a holy dog and a dog-headed saint

fools for nothingness

death of a bestseller

vacuum of desire: a homo-erotic correspondence

a note on beards

towards the zen of sex

the church of lazarus and the dogs

translation and the oulipo

the visit











THREE     REMARKABLE     EROTIC   (to some)




Most erotic miniatures are from Kashmir,
like this one,
and are designed to be arousing.




But the remarkable miniature below, which is probably Iranian,
from Shiraz or Isfahan, seems to be more descriptive or illustrative than pornographic.
I have scanned it from a clipping from a 1970s German art magazine.

I know nothing else about it.

Personally, I dislike penetrative sex,
for only non-penetrative sensuality (as in the first miniature)
can be spiritual .


And here is another one in a similar genre,
showing gentlemen of more oriental mien.



This page, together with

a handsomely-illustrated rustic pornographic story,
is available as an e-page

Click here to download.
The zip-file is 1 megabyte in size.



a piece of bestial persian porn >




Click here to read about Celtic androphily.