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OF A SECOND DiMethylTryptamine





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I loaded the pipe with what I thought was the same amount as the first time, I don't know whether there was already some left in there -or whether I put a larger amount in - but I was catapulted to another world - totally leaving reality. The pipe was thick with smoke and I was hardly able to hold it all in.

I was dancing above my head in a 'mystical' land, and staring down at myself - able to answer questions and thoughts before they had happened. Then I started to age, on retrospect I was seeing my life flash before my eyes like people have reported when dying. I grew old and was in a wheelchair being looked after. The experience was fun when I was young, but then I grew old to the point where I could not understand the people around me - and this was scary. This was when I started to come round and back to normality not knowing what had happened... It seemed like this had lasted for about 45 minutes at least although at a guess was more like 10 minutes if not less.

Powerful stuff!

Whereas on the first occasion I had the option of opening my eyes to ground myself back in reality, this time I did not have any options other than to float off and seem to leave the planet.

I was a little startled as did not realise that it could have this effect. But after doing some reading I realised that this is known as 'breaking through'. I was conversing with strange mythical creatures. After a while I began to feel lost, I didn't know where I was or how I had arrived. I told myself that it was a short trip but, having no concept of time, I remember feeling a little distressed when I was 'coming round' and unable to recall much of what had happened. I was able, however, to lift my mood by sitting near the fire. Everything I looked at was pixelated, composed of big bold blocks of colour.

I continued to trip very hard, barely aware of being in my own house. The after effect was longer than the first time, and I was glad to be able to continue the experience after returning from my journey away from Earth.

Later that evening I had another go... I had read an article about people's experiences and read about 'breaking through'. Happier knowing that this is what had happened, I wanted to go back and explore.

I had another fairly large hit and could feel myself floating up and leaving the room - where as the last time I had been worried by this I was able to relax and enjoy the experience. I left my house and floated up to a mystical land of clouds where I came to rest. I was welcomed by people wearing white robes with big beards, God and his buddies… We played football together and I felt extremely welcome. I was filled with total euphoria, as high and elated as could be and with a great sense of achievement.

It seems it is definitely better to try to relax into the trip although easier said than done initially when I felt as if whizzing away from Earth, quite something to feel like you are floating up out of your body. I was not able to ground myself back in reality whilst being above the clouds and did not want to. I'm notsure, but I think I had my eyes open during the experience.

Whilst returning to normal, with no adverse effects other than wanting the trip to continue, I felt a little cold and hungry, but not distressed.

It would work very well with mushrooms.

You can make a good pipe from a miniature brandy-bottle with a conical bottom, which you break with an awl or something similar : hold the bottle over the top of the screw driver and then hit the handle on the floor to force it through. Or a drill, of course. Carefully clean out the broken glass. Get proper coarse wire wool, crunch it up and insert a little way down into the neck of the bottle, so that it is tight, but you are still able to breathe through it. Reverse the bottle. Then maybe add a small amount of tobacco ash on top of this. The DMT can go on top of the ash. Apply mouth to hole, heat gently from below with a lighter or a match or a taper. It melts instantly. Inhale gently to fill the bottle with smoke, then inhale deeply....


I smoked a third of what was in the bag .



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