The Zen of Not-Zen
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the buddha of dung

the zen of dog

the zen of islam

the zen of not-zen

the book of nothing

the zen of non-collaboration

the zen of sufism

the zen of nihilism

the zen of disengagement

the hells going on

the zen of love and disillusionment

haikai on the edge

the zen of poetry

the zen of celebration

the zen of irony


the zen of cooking

the zen of tantra

the zen of masturbation

the zen of masculinity

towards the zen of sex


houses for the dead

ireland & the phallic continuum

fools for nothingness




metamorphotos NEW LINK



tombeau de kurt schwitters

three movements of melting ice





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'The mind is the idea of the body.'

- Spinoza


'A man can do what he wants,
but not want what he wants.'

- Arthur Schopenhauer



There is no-one who's enlightened.
Thinking is a rotten tree.
Truth is thinnest of thin air.
Poetry is Look-at-me !



If your mind was like mine
I'd be yours.

Your mind is like mine
and I'm yours.

My mind is like yours
and you're mine.

Only death can make us perfect.

There is no such thing as time.



I wasn't born.
I wasn't there.
The revelation
of the world is wildness.



is a religion;
there is no simplicity.



Asking myself
how to reach acceptance
I ruefully reply
There is no way.



In a world where nothing true is valued
I am almost happy to be not worth knowing.



"The sound of one hand clapping":
The amputee applauding war.



"The sound of one hand clapping":



Zen is
what you're sure it's not.




is that culture
is merely a distraction
from being.



Mouldy winter straw
inspires me to consider
old politicians.



Gazing at brown leaves
perhaps I have understood
what haikai don't say.



Dead already,
I have no interest
in what has killed me.





"Poetry in the Anglosphere seems to be taught as a medium carrying within itself deep meaning,
deep imagery, and abstract symbolism.
As a man who grew up in a Buddhist culture, it is quite counter to my inclination.
Intricacy in poetry seems to me to glorify attachment to meaning, imagery and abstraction.
Buddhists are realists. They say 'my right hand is my right hand' and 'my shit is just shit'.
There is no meaning in meaningfulness.
There is no beauty in the merely beautiful ordering of words.
Fortunately, some poetry outside the Anglosphere seems largely to be free of this tendency,
often displaying admirable qualities of bare-bones realism." -
Suchoon Mo


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