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From: Paul
To: Anthony
Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 1:37 PM
Subject: Re: Hallelujah!

Dear Anthony,

I sure enjoyed seeing you on Monday.
Great to feel like a bear again! I love the way you make me feel.
I know few people can appreciate beards like we can,
feeling and seeing your sexy beard cover my cock/balls/face is the most amazing experience ever.
And what joy for both of us to cum all over each others' beard.
I can't imagine any greater pleasure than to grow my beard long with you.

Can't tell you how amazingly wonderful it is for me to be a bear with you.
I think of little else except growing a huge big beard, and rubbing it all over you.
I love getting stoned with you Anthony, and making true love with our beards.

I'm still kind of floating.
I really enjoyed rubbing my beard over your face and balls and listening to your groans.
I love when we kiss, and melt into each others' beard.
I love when we kiss, feeling your lips and feeling your beard rest on my chest.

Your encouragement and inspiration makes my cock hard - as it is now!
I am ready to never trim my beard again, and enjoy/make love with our growing beards.
I yearn to feel complete, and only you Anthony understand what it means for me.
Look forward to hearing from you, my long-bearded mentor.

Hugs, tugs, kisses and squirts!



Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 14:42:59 +0100 (BST)
From: Paul
Subject: Re: a breakfast dream!

To: Anthony

G'afternoon Anthony.

How's you? I sure appreciated the profile - what a dream!! I'm ok, enjoying the last of my holidays before I start the big world of work next week! Think this could be job number 100 or is 1000?? Autumn has definately arrived in Ireland, although it's cold the days have been bright and sunny. Craigantlet is the same as you last seen it. I know it will all be completed I just haqve to have patience.... I still do go out occassionally to the bars in Belfast but not as much. Maybe only every other week or so.

My other news is that I volunteered to help run the Drop In center, once a month. I help run it last Saturday. I had to leave early htough as I had to catch the 6 pm train to Dublin. Had arranged to meet up with a bearded-loveing guy in Dublin, but what a disaster!! We had a quick snog and lights out by 11.30.... then he got up at 5.30 next morning and it was time to go. I headed round to the BoilerHouse and I stayed there until 3!! Had aball....

I'm looking forward to seeing you in October, looking forward to showing off my new bushy beard. I love it immensely. Chat to ya later dude!!!!

Hugs, BigBelly x

Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 12:29:17 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Re: My bearded inspiration
To: Anthony

Hello Anthony,

Was good to read your message - I had to laugh, kicking and screaming onto the 'plane!!! I'd love to get over and see your life in beautiful St Antonin.
I am in good form although my day today is going to be taken up by running around after the DHSS. I can get a crisis loan to see me through 'til payday but I have to get wriiten proof from my employer confirming when I'm paid.
However, tonight Barbara and her 2 sons, Khan and Amada are staying at Craigantlet. It's Amadas' 11th birthday tomorrow so we'll be doing a bit of partying to celebrate!

'm so happy with my beard. I love the look and the feel of him. I love the way it's gradually starting to grow thick and bushy. I know my beard is going to grow on me forever and I look forward to the future, seeing my long beard cover me. You have certainly give me a shot of confidence and enthusiasm - I know you'll be proud of my beautiful beard which you inspired me to grow.
I'll go for now. Have yourelf a grand weekend whatever you get up to. I'll be tugging and wanking my beard later thinking of you.



Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 15:43:54 +0100 (BST)
From: Paul
Subject: Re: my beard
To: Anthony

Hello Anthony, I'm stroking my beard and tugging it as I write. God I love this feeling. I've missed the bushiness and the thickness. I am so looking forward to when my beard grows long enough that I can see it all the time. I had a lovely wan k this morning, feeling my hairy face and thinking about your beard. I am devoteing the rest of my life to becoming a long bearded man.

You have always been an inspiration for me. I want you to know that you have helped me to grow this beard and I'm so thankfull. You've helped me to be the man I am. I hope you are enjoying and tugging your lovely beard and w anking into it as much as you can. My mouth has completely dissappeared behind my thick moustache and I love it. I'm keeping my head hair short cropped at number 1. All I want is a massive, thick, long beard which covers as much of me as possible. In time I sincerely hope all of me. I'd love to meet someone special in life but I already know us beardlovers are so rare... but I can't help feeling the way that I do. I consider myself so lucky to love my beard this much and also to wear such an excellent beard. Looking forward to us sharing our hairy faces again.

Bearded hugs,

BeardOrama x

Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2007 22:21:59 +0100 (BST)
From: Paul
Subject: BeardLove
To: Anthony

Good evening Grey Beard,

I missed Malcolm at the Drop-In, he was there early and in typical Dopehead fashion, I was there late!! I was there from 4.30 until 7. Sadly, no sexy bearded men.... But I did have a good conversation with a few guys. You know P.A. ? He certainly is a wealth of knowledge. Another guy was looking to meet a partner for a life-long relationship. He had put an ad in the Telegraph, and had narrowed down his list from 24 to 4. My only advise was to get out there and meet real people!!

I am at home at the minute, feeling very tired after last night. Common sense at this point would say : go to bed. But no, I am going out to see Denis. He has invited me up for a drink and I'll take him up on it. He and I had a fling back in August but that's history now. Now that I have become so attached to my beard, I only want to be with men who feel the same way. That's why I'm so looking forward to seeing my beard bud next week. I am so looking forward to seeing you and feeling my bushy beard rub against your long beard. I feel so good about becoming a long- bearded man. I know you know what I mean.

It's brilliant growing and sharing our big beards together. I'm devoting my life to growing my beard as long as I can. I would love you to sit on my cock. Love to feel my cock fill my beard bud full of cum. I'm going to play with your nipples and (gently) tug on your beard. I am going to enjoy watching you ride my cock.

Hugs and tugs
my sexy beard bud






O beautiful man
O inspirational beard
O deep in my groin
O stiffener of my cock
O gorgeous hairy one
O yummy-cummy bear
O tearer-apart of my soul

  I want to rub my beard against yours
I want to rub my beard in your balls
I want your tongue in my mouth
I want to gaze into your eyes as we kiss
I want to float off and lose myself with you -
   travel together into the milky way of our love
lovemaking with you was utterly wonderful.
loving your beard was totally gorgeous
I treasured your sperm in my beard
It was The Real Thing
Beyond cock (but my cock was so happy)
Beard beyond God...
Just thinking of you makes me melt into love-dribble
  Spending the night with you was ecstasy, heaven.
I want to lick you
O Paul - we have had such bad experiences recently.
Can't we help each other to heal ?

I know I am old and not muscular, not beefy and brawny, just an old stick of love and desire for your company
who loves classical music and lovely wines..

Being with you was so joyous. When you didn't show up I was in deep churning misery.
Only you and I seem truly to understand beards.
Yours is a glorious statement of maleness and essence of animal - you give me amazing feelings of connection, connectedness...

Of course my cock is hard as I write this. "Sex" with you is like sex with nobody else: with you it's a sacrament,
salve for the "soul", a journey on love, through love, into love - the magic of maleness that is so powerful between us,
the animal mystery that we enact and fill our whole beings with.

When I'm with you, I feel that that which is missing in me has come back into me through your loving hairiness, your kisses, your hugs,
your sperm which I treasure upon me as a sign and a sacrament.
You are one of the few who understands
the glory of DOGS.
(To most other people dogs are just
a sort of living furniture.)

Let us come together soon and start to heal each other's wounds and give each other strength and lovingness.

I hope we can give to and accept from each other. I have stopped looking for a Significant Other.
None that I've met is as beautifully, beardily male as you in your softness, your cuddles,
your squirtiness. I want to bury my head in your strong softness.






Loving you always -
even when I'm hating you.

xxx Anthony xxx


From: Paul
To: Anthony
Sent: Friday, July 01, 2005 3:14 PM
Subject: Sorry

Hello Anthony,

Sorry I couldn't make it down to see you.
Maybe I'm just not ready to start something yet, I don't know.
I do know I don't want to hurt you in any way.
I thought real hard Anthony, for now just knowing I've got your love is all that I want.
I will be in touch with you Anthony when I feel it's the right time. I do love and always have loved being with you.
I remember kind of floating after the last visit - Excellent!! I really enjoyed rubbing my beard over your face and listening to your groans. I can't tell you how amazingly wonderful it was for me.

I can't descibe all the feelings, but having sex with you was beautiful. I loved when we kissed, and meledt into each others' beard. I loved when we kiss, feeling your lips and feeling your beard rest on my chest. I can't stop thinking of growing my beard as big as I can, with you. I know how much you appreciate my beard.
I love cuddling you and feeling your beautiful long beard on my body. The times we have had together have been totally amazing.
I just don't want to get involved and then somehow let you down and make you unhappy - I know it's happened before and I feel bad about that.

When I become long bearded, I want to be long bearded with you as our beautiful beards grow long together.You are the only person who understands this.
Can't imagine being with anyone else. I hope you are not too mad with me, I know you'll understand.

BeardHugs, Paul







This ticked entry in my website 'Guestbook' claims somewhat childishly
to be from me, but is certainly from the loony Luxemburger, Gérard Dumont.
The comment from Bob in Michigan on the same date
is obviously connected


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