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For a man is not a man without a BEARD! Kiss beards and mouths surrounded by hair - come in a bushy beard! rub my balls in a passionate beard! Rub your Beard in my balls, and come in my beard.


----- Original Message -----
From: IrishBeard
To: Anthony
Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 1:37 PM
--- Subject: Hallelujah! ---


Dear Anthony,

I sure enjoyed seeing you on Monday.
Great to feel like a bear again! I love the way you make me feel.
I know few people can appreciate beards like we can,
feeling and seeing your sexy beard cover my cock/balls/face is the most amazing experience ever.
And what joy for both of us to cum all over each others' beard.
I can't imagine any greater pleasure than to grow my beard long with you.

Can't tell you how amazingly wonderful it is for me to be a bear with you.
I think of little else except growing a huge big beard,
and rubbing it all over you.
I love getting stoned with you Anthony, and making true love with our beards.


I'm still kind of floating.
I really enjoyed rubbing my beard over your face and balls and listening to your groans.
I love when we kiss, and melt into each others' beard.
I love when we kiss, feeling your lips and feeling your beard rest on my chest.

Your encouragement and inspiration makes my cock hard - as it is now!
I am ready to never trim my beard again, and enjoy/make love with
our growing beards.
I yearn to feel complete, and only you Anthony understand what it means for me.
Looking forward to hearing from you, my long-bearded mentor.

Hugs, tugs, kisses and squirts!





In the estranging chill
of consciousness
which things
make ever colder,
your tenderness,
your sensual good-will
seemed and only seemed to be
warmer than the furs of kings,
and your hugs warmed me
like imaginary hypocausts
in this refrigerative dream.


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For a man is not a man without a BEARD! Kiss beards and mouths surrounded by hair
God is cock come in a bushy beard! rub beard in balls! rub balls in beard! the Tantra and the Zen of Beard.