William Carlos Williams

Rather than permit him
to testify in court

Giving reasons
why he stole from

Exclusive stores
then sent postcards

To the police
to come and arrest him
(if they could)

They railroaded him
to an asylum for

The criminally insane
without trial.

The prophylactic to

Having been denied him
he went close to

The edge out of
frustration and


Inflexible, finally they
had to release him:

The institution was

They let him go
in the custody of

A relative on condition
that he remain

Out of the state.


They 'cured' him all

But the set-up
he fought against

Remains -
and his youthful deed

the romantic period

Of a revolt
he served well

Is still good.

Let him be
a factory whistle

That keeps blaring
Sense, sense, sense!
so long as there's

A mind to remember
and a voice to
carry it on -

Never give up
keep at it!

Unavoided, terrifying
to such bought

Courts as he thought
to trust to but they

Double-crossed him.

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