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-to-be-human anomie website which


questions the foundaTIONS OF SOCIETY, MIND, CIVILISATION AND CULTURE...the website that is ashamed to be human ANOMIE: MIND IS SHIT AND SHIT MAY WELL BE MIND! ANOMIE beyond the pale The Human Soul's as Deep as Emptiness anomie We are the only animals which have no souls anomiewe are Nature's hubris ANOMIE we have evolved too far not just for our own good, but for the planet's survival ANOMIE



ANOMIE Those who think they are sane are merely arrogant. Anomie. People mistake arrrogance for sanity. anomie. We are the only arrogant, the only insane species!

The most terrible thing that we do is to create and keep on creating more greedy, planet-devouring humans. ANOMIE. To breed is a war crime against the planet

a poetic, literary, nihilistic, dissident, ashamed-to-be-human website which questions the foundations of society, mind, civilisation and culture...



Anomie. Mind is Shit. Anomie. We are hyper-evolved.